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248 thoughts on “Your Page

  1. if i may be so bold as to seek the Majid’s approval for the House of Winterspells to have it’s own menagerie?
    some suggestions for the menagerie could be fabled creatures such as gryphons, unicorn and phoenix!
    Aline. For your consideration O great Majid

  2. Firstly O Majid i have to apologize for all my spelling errors on Your page as i am very hard on myself at grammarizing in particular the spelling of Your name but i vow to use Alyne as that has style
    i suggested the House of Winterspells on Winterspell square (where else?) have a menagerie of fabulous creatures tamed and not harmful
    As The Majid you should have your own ornamental boat that plies the sluggish waters of ponds and misty grottos of Your mysterious domain That craft could be named ‘Gothic’ and You can visualise it’s sleek appearance as it glides like a swan
    Of course the vessel has an all girl crew

  3. Aline
    O Great Majid
    Mystic Warrior
    Goddess of Destiny
    i beseech you
    May it please You my suggestions for a Winterspell’s menagerie and the pleasure craft ‘Gothica’ be accepted

  4. A menagerie of sorts
    Plays well in the mind,
    Of fabled creatures and ancient times…
    Beware of such,
    Although imagination is fine…
    The wind doth blow,
    Fine dust…
    Not so kind.

  5. Madame deWinter
    i thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me a poem
    i enjoy entering Your House of Winterspells for at least a short
    space of tyme each day and also the Gothic Faery realm is such
    a fascinating place to dwell albeit temporarily
    At Your Service Madame

  6. Madame
    Your House of Winterspells is my favourite realm
    i am not just talking about ‘escapism’ but an ideal
    state of perfection that i can live out participating
    Majid you are great and i am unworthy of you
    if you decide to banish me so be it
    i have the honour to remain

  7. Madame
    please accept this anonymous poem for your interest

    Strangely alone in the world
    although they call themselves friends
    watching from a distance inside my head
    Are we all spectatators?
    Are we all going incognito in this impromptu play?
    i know myself that i would rather be alone
    too different for individuality

    i have the honour to remain yours

  8. Madame de Winter
    O great Majid
    Mystic warrior and Goddess of Destiny
    i beseech you
    the medieval ‘Grimoires’ should be essential tomes in the Wintersells domain
    i have the honour to remain at your service

  9. Madame deWinter
    it is such an honour to have met you and see your efforts reach fruitition
    i like entering you mysterious domain anr also the gothic fae
    enjoy the journey along the way
    Your servant

  10. Madame deWinter
    i beseech You and recognise You as the Great Majid
    i was in the Camden locks market and must report to
    You that it is utter depravity now with rude and noisy
    people and rubbish everywhere
    once again i acknowledge Your achievements in Feminine
    literature You’re sure to go far
    Your servant

  11. Madame deWinter

    i beseech you
    what IF there were to be a blantant attack on those with higher knowledge
    they cannot destroy what is within us
    know thyself
    many blessings to all living things
    Your humble servant

  12. Madame deWinter

    Your works on the mysterious realms are a credit to You
    may i remain always able to enter these domains
    i have the honour to remain

    the gadfly

  13. Madame deWinter

    may i be first to make You aware of an up and coming tarot conference to be held in olde London towne quite soon
    i shall keep You informed of it’s progress
    this reminds me of the absolute beautiful deck that You designed Yourself
    always Yours

    the gadfly

  14. The Albatross soaring high
    Needing no one
    For the moment all in all
    Seek only the wind
    And the sky
    Your dependance
    Nary a feather lost
    In the Freedom
    Of Land Lost

  15. Madame deWinter

    i have tasted life and found it bitter
    my favourite realm is the House of Winterspells where i can let my imaginative
    thinking wander for an least an hour or so
    Your writing talent is far superior to mine but i don’t want to giveup my ‘Melanie Haartshorn’ adventures i try to send to the Gothic Fae site and also a Gothic bibliotheque i forwarded to Winterspells library didn’t make it there after a lot of research on my part
    Oh! Your bathroom is gorgeous A Lady does need to relax and reflect
    if you have a castle then You need a ‘coat of arms’ (amorial bearing) most likely a swan surmounted by a coronet with supporters either side (Greecian Goddesses for example) and a motto DEA GLORIANA LUCIFERA IMPERIA i just made that up but worth thinking about

    as always i remain Yours in the light

  16. CONTINUES: yes i have always been fascinated by castles since the story books about Robin Hood and we had toy castles for little knight figures to lay siege and how disappointed i was to learn that the round ‘drum tower’ at Windsor castle was only constructed in about 1829 and not as a medieval fortress

    Always at Your service in the light
    the gadfly

  17. merry we meet merry we meet merry we meet

    many blessings to all kindred spirits and to living things

    may we continue to bring down the light

    the Mysterious Domain will prevail


    the gadfly

  18. Madame deWinter

    i delight in entering your mysterious domain
    i would dearly love to reside here permanently
    with your approval that is

    Your faithful servant
    the gadfly

  19. Madame deWinter

    two points to raise here Madame
    as i enjoy both Your House of Winterspells
    domain and also the Goth Faerie realm i
    unfortunatetly can not get messages to
    You from them alas poor Limpet (my alter
    ego in the phantsy world) is now in limbo
    until the order is restored however i shall
    maintain contact where necessary to You
    Your gothic library which i can access to

    oops sorry Madame to be continued

  20. Madame deWinter (the order has been restored now)

    as previously stated how much i find fascinating entering Your
    there is so much content here it is exiting to go through over
    and over but i have noticed lots of my postings are irrelevant
    or on the wrong sites and i am embarrased about that
    Madame if You deem to delete anything that is piffle go ahead
    so Madame You are worried about a war and yes it is disturbing
    pretty fair to say this mundane/secular world is messed up bigger
    than when we were kids Don’t be worried Madame be strong
    oh! and on libraries and librarians You have an excellant site for
    potential i regard librarians as a sort of ‘sisterhood
    recently You post a Women to men on physical strength Believe
    me i have encounted Women physically and intelectually stronger
    than menfolk and it makes us go self-conscious too! in any case
    the ‘Feminine’ is definately superior in the spirit world

    Yours as always in the light

  21. i beg Your indulgence Madame

    it is with great pleasure that the Winterspell’s domain is restored
    let us make Winterspells an institution of cultural learning and a
    reality rather than a ‘state of mind’

    i have the honour Madame
    the gadfly

  22. Madame de Winter

    i intend to submit an article on castles
    subject to your approval of course

    i have the honour
    the gadfly

  23. merry we meet merry we meet merry we meet
    many blessings to all kindred spirits
    the gadfly

  24. lets get started on the nomenclature of castles
    during the so called iron iron age the celtic tribes
    utilised high ground to construct hill forts
    seven hill forts in the Chiltons (Latin for celts) are
    currently the sites for archeological digs with a
    few open to the public
    many blessingthe gadfly

  25. OOPS Pardon the interuption!

    just on these hill forts
    they were constructed by very clever people
    who altough had no writtern language had an
    astute understanding of the stars and an intimate
    knowledge of ley lines they put into use on journeys
    obviously the hill forts made ideal observation posts
    and defensive positions in times of war
    Women fought along side men in battle and some
    times urged their men to fight harder
    the gadfly

  26. Madame de Winter

    Majid i am pleased to be in contact with the House of Winterspells
    alas Madame de Winter i bear sad news ‘the vale of Avalon’ has
    sustained cataclysmic tempests recently but strangely enough
    there is to still be the festival a commercial event going ahead

    i have the honour Madame
    the gadfly

  27. continuing the gadfly’s article on castles let us dispel the myth that Hollywood
    in their excellent 1950s movies portrayed castles as easily captured even by a horde of outlaw rabble lacking siege machines
    These fortifications were impregnable and not so easily taken

  28. here in olde London towne we are commemorating
    the centennial of the Women’s suffragette movement
    who fought tirelessly for the right to vote
    begiining in the late 19th century with peaceful
    protesting at first than resorting to dissention holding
    rallies chaining themselves to railings and hunger
    strikes until their grievances partialy in 1918 and then
    fully not till 1929
    just to illustrate how formidable a suffragette was a
    persistant prowler was accosting lone ladies on the
    road to Hampstead until two suffragettes put a stop to
    the brute’s antics with one acting as bait and the other
    following they gave him a trouncing which taught him
    a lesson he’s never forget and this was reported in the
    newspaper at the time

  29. Winterspells is one of the eternal mysteries
    but who has the key to unlock that ornate
    gate festooned with mystical symbols and
    baring the way to Life’s treasure trove?
    ‘dance’ is a powerful ritual to unlock the
    emotional itellect let us frolic with the Fae
    swirl with sylphs make merry with maidens

    gadfly’s grapevine
    with the implied permission of
    Madame de Winter

  30. The fabled gardens of Winterspells: an appreciation by gadfly

    The house of Winterspells a flambouyant structure of Baroque
    alabaster and marble is positioned amid an imense some may
    say infinate pastoral scenary.
    From a clifftop spectacular cascades of water play down into
    circular and retangular shaped ponds and fountains spray out
    jets of water intermittantly.
    Entry to the gardens is through a triumphal archway the top of
    which bears the Winterspells crest surmounted by a crown.
    The interior of the arch is adorned with frescoes of classical
    mythology and then leads to a rustic arcade of trellises with
    vines and creepers snaking upward.
    The gardens proper had been planned in mathematical order
    follies or rotundas are radomly located as shelter when the
    weather is inclement.
    The menagerie contains every single creature known in the
    phantasy realm (tamed of course).
    To exite the imagination Winterspells gardens have been
    purposely allowed to become overgrown to create atmosphere.

  31. Madame de Winter

    i have just been revising some of Your ‘witchblood’ entries
    it was such a refreshing change from the mundane life
    what secret does the House of Winterspells hold?
    too much to learn with such little tyme left
    in any case i am just a servant here

    i have the honour Madame
    the gadfly

  32. with Madame de Winter’s implied permission
    Idly stretching his long black form, the Force of Evil
    settled himself more comfortably. He turned his bloody
    stare upon the Force of Good, where She sat opposite
    him as they played upon the chessboard of the Universe
    Good moved Her knight to take the bishop of Evil who
    leaned forward and sneered. Reaching out a boney hand
    he removed Good’s pawn from the board. There were
    only five pieces left, three belonged to Evil.

  33. For a moment the balance of power was weighed in his favour.
    In an instant, the universe plunged into darkness. Stars exploded, civilizations crumbled, moons turned black and souls lost. An evil odour permeated the fibres of existance. And on Earth, Apocalypse prevailed.
    Good paused for a millenium, then moved Her king. “Stalemate!” Evil sighed.
    “Again?” he pleaded obsequously. Good nodded in agreement. Whilst Evil was
    setting up the chess pieces. Good glanced about and certain Evil was preoccupied She waved Her hand. A million worlds came into being.Stars shone, fires flickered. Her gaze fell briefly on Earth and She smiled.
    Good triumhed in Her victory. Evil cowered in his defeat.

    For a moment the balance of power was wieghed in his direction
    For an instant the Universe plunged into darkness. Stars exploded
    civilizations crumbled,moons turned black and souls were lost. An
    evil odour permeated the fibre of existence and on Earth apocalypse
    was born.


    I think that there will never be except in mundane society
    ridiculous nonsensery and quite exterme banality
    and excesses of snobbery and hidden immorality
    and lack of sensibility and quite a deal of bigotry

  36. and celebrity idolatry and such old fashioned pedantry
    and entertainment idiocy and such a lot of misery
    (thats not to mention poverty)
    and rampart upper classery and dreadful shows on T.V.
    and red tape in bureaucracy and politician’s bunglery
    and quite illegal bribery and much excessive bossery
    and such a lack of quality so much commerciality
    and very loud punk rockery and rampart crime like burglary
    and gross impersonality within the lives of……………………..!
    and war advancing threateningly and diplomatic lunacy
    and world wide INSANITY

  37. Two new fabled creatures for the Winterspell’ menagerie
    a chimera and a family of houyahnhnms (if you can
    pronounce the name) they are a breed of horse more
    intelligent than humans discovered by Gulliver on his last

    for your consideration Madame
    the gadfly

  38. with Madame de Winter’s implied permission

    High on a hilltop the olde kinsman sits
    so olde and grey he’s nearly lost his wits
    With a bridge of white mist Columbkill he crosses
    on his stately joutney fron Slieveleague to Rosses
    On going up with music in cold starry nights
    to sup with the Queene under the northern lights

    i have the honour Madamr

  39. Madame
    the name of the river flowing through the Winterspells domain
    ‘the Mystic river’

    for your consideration Madame
    the gadfly

  40. I am Elder Airwolf from druid and native traditions. I teach at my website school and social site as well as supply tools from my store. I have 16 fb groups and two pages there with a following over 45,000. I am impressed with your works and invite you to advertise if you like.

    Elder Airwolf

  41. Thank you Elder Airwolf. I’m not here very much any more. It’s a long story and needs a full explanation. One of these days! I write fiction now and publish on Amazon, etc. If you think you might like my Gothic novels, let me know! I can do an interview if you like. :)

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