Witchblood Defined


What is a Witch?

In the Court of Winterspells, Witchcraft carries completely benign connotations. Its is more of a kind of European Shamanism, attuned to nature and the Otherworlds that that can be entered through the gateways nature provides. It is a healing path that developes the intuition, the visionary mind, the spiritual faculties, and inspires creativity.

One who is born with the witchblood cannot be assumed to be evil. Legend describes one born with clairvoyant abilities, who sees spirits and spirit realms, who may be, from childhood, involved consciously or unconsciously with spirits, as a witch.

A witch is a very mysterious person who may be extremely right-brained, highly imaginative and thinks in mytho-poetic sense ithrough the lens of symbolism.

I have no idea if any of my ancestors were initated into anything. Some say these sorts of thing can be passed down through the family line. .To be honest I was raised Catholic and am more aligned with Christianity than anything else. I do love all relgions, though. The variety adds richness to life.

No to the Devil!

I was shocked the first time someone assumed that witches worshipped the Devil. I do not and never have worshipped the Devil, though I have been aware of devils and the forces of evil in the course of my explorations.  My worship is toward the Creation and the Creator, not the Destroyer. In fact i abhor the destroyers. I stand against destruction. The more I was exposed to the dark side in my life, the stronger I oppose it.

Satan is the Father of Lies. Would you believe or follow a known liar? The glamour is strong, but it also a lie, a deception, a seduction. I could go into great depth as to the hidden destination of one who falls for this glamour, but I prefer to explore these themes in my books. Fiction allows things to be understood that should not be seplled out in bold print.

Impact of the Web

As one who was, in 2009, new to the internet, I had no idea of the sea of slander I was plunging into. Researching the use and misuse of power for my novel Roses of the Moon, led me down some disturbing paths. I found quite  a few Big Influencers whose attitudes toward those with paranoraml gifts are positively medieval. I began to resent and then to fear being associated with child molesters and child murderes and blood drinking elites. The world of the Hammer Horror films being presented as real. I have no doubt these things are real, but they are not witchcraft as I define it. They are crimes.

I alsow want to make it clear that I have never been initaited into Wicca or any group like it. When I accaepted the role of Cameron in the Balaon play, I had no idea who she was or who Jack Parsons was and could never stand Crowley. It was creative project, a play and I was merely an actress playing a role. It never ceases to amaze me how many peole confuse actors with their roles. If this were correct then Anthony Hoplins would have to be Hannible Lector which is ridiculous.

The Life Affirming Craft

Though it is a winter spell, my witchcraft celebrates life.

Since my name is de winter, it seemed appropriate to weave a winter spell. Winter is purifying, refreshing, it is a time of rest, a season for dreaming and going deep within. It is beautiful.

So, if you love the beauty of the Creation, the life that God created, if you wish to heal, to preserve the multiplicity of human expression, to clebrate the creative spirit but not shy away form the darkness that allows the light to shine, of you seek knowledge through exploration of occult wisdom, you will like this blog.

Otherwise,, you will probably be wasting your rtime here.

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One thought on “Witchblood Defined

  1. Thank you so much!! I have enjoyed reading what you have to say and agree with you on so many points! Thank you for sharing your passion with us!

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