Have Joyful Winter Solstice! Celebrate and be Inspired!

Have Joyful Winter Solstice!

Let’s have a magical feast and invite everyone who desires to share in the spirit of love,  generosity, elegance, and creative imagination.



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How To Create Moon Circles and Harness the The Power of the Moon

The Nightmare

The Nightmare by Fitzgerald

Painful Womanhood

When I was younger, I had horrendous menstrual periods. I dreaded every month as the symptoms came on, for it meant two days of agony, vomiting, dizziness, back pain, every kind of torture a girl can go through without dying.

During the 1980′s it was a new thing to discuss women’s health issues openly. Before that, it seemed all the doctors were men, or at least male thought dominated medical opinion, and so women’s maladies were dismissed as “hysterical”, “all in their heads”, or as my doctor told me as a teenager “Motherhood will cure you.”

Yet the pundits of the Women’s Movement in the 1980s’ were no better, especially when it came to gynacological problems. There were statistics about dysmenorea, the fancy word for  “cramps”, stating that women who were raised Catholic had much higher rates of menstrual problems.

Since I was raised Catholic, I actually bought this B.S. (I am sure the people who gathered this “data’ were not Catholic.) It was supposed to be a dysfunction of our legendary guilt trip.

It was actually caused by a growth spurt that went wonky when I was 14.

Moon Power

Trying to discover and understand  the roots of my problem via the Womens Spirituality Movement, (looming large in the 1980′s)  led me down the path of mythology. This suited me as I tend to mythologize everything anyway.

The menstrual cycle is ruled by the Moon. The Moon rules all the watery tides of life, including our blood, but the menses mirror the 28 day cycle of the Moon as well. The Number three is also important, for there are three phases of the Moon: Full, Dark and Crescent. These phases mirror the three phases of life for women: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. I don’t like the word Crone, I prefer something like Mentor which contains the root men, for it is a time when women take natural leadership roles if they have grown wise.  Even Elder is preferable, as Crone brings up images of decrepitude for me. Or how about calling us Hekate after the powerful Dark Moon Goddess?

The Moon stays in each phase for 3 days and most womens periods are 3 days long.

This is from the Online Etymological Dictionary:

menstrual Look up menstrual at Dictionary.com
1398, from O.Fr. menstruel, from L. menstrualis “monthly,” especially “of or having monthly courses,” from menstruus “of menstruation, monthly,” from mensis “month” (see menses). Menstruation first attested 1776; O.E. equivalent was monaðblot “month-blood.”

Moon, month, menses, mental, measure, moon blood, month blood, menisus, mensa, menses,mensuration, my moon, moontime, moon lodge, moo…

The moon, the month, the measure of time…

I studied the moon. I read everything I could from mythology, to Greek Drama, to poetry, to The Moonchild by Aleister Crowely, and Moon Magic by Dion Fortune.  On the desk in front of me I have my first book about the moon. It is called Moon, Moon, by Anne Kent Rush, and it was published in 1976.  It is one of the books that started me one the path of honoring the Triple Moon Goddess hoping she would heal my wise wound.

Moon Circles

In 1989 — such a long time ago now it seems — I brought together a group of close women friends for my first Moon Circle. This was the first time I had led led a ritual involving other people, and it was far from perfect. I wanted to bring my soul into harmony with the Moon in the hopes of healing my problem, but also to explore and address  Women’s Mysteries, which are Blood Mysteries having to do with generation, creativity, and birth. Our ability to bring another living being through our bodies is truly Goddess-like, far surpassing the attempts of magicians to create homunculii and Frankenstein monsters. (I never understood that drive considering the means of replicating human life exists everywhere in nature. — through the female.)

I also wanted to bring our Cycle out of the closet — for every female creature on planet Earth goes through some from of menses on a regular basis — over half the human race. So why can’t we be open about it? I wanted to erase the shame that our culture has attached to women’s bodies and mysteries from time immemorial.

Despite my crude initial attempts, four friends stayed with me as I held these circles every Sunday night close to the Full Moon and every Sunday night close to the Dark Moon. To be in harmony with the Moon meant menstruating on the Dark Moon to mirror the process of emptying and purification, and to ovulate on the Full Moon — the time of fullness and fertility. As women do, we began to synchronize our cycles. This told me the Circles were truly generating magical and healing power.

The more I led the Circles, the better they got. I wanted others to learn to lead it as well, but nobody ever stepped up to the plate and so it always fell to me.

These Circles went on for 9 years — then I left for England.  There was a steady core group of 4 women, but at one time I had as many as 12. Toward the end I began to include men as the energies had changed for me and I was tired of the feminist tendency to exclude men as if they were the enemy.

These Circles wers o powerful and healing that we hated to miss them. I had also opened powerful portals in my house through which the Faery would visit me in 1996.

Moon Bag

Two powerful we did to initiate entry into the Moon Circles was to have each woman make  a Moon Bag.

Here is mine:

I used to do a lot of bead work back then as you can see around the rim.

It is a circle of red velvet gathered with a cord. Very simple.

Inside you put your secrets. I can show mine now as I am Hekata.

It is a little muslin bag tied with red thread and symbols are marked upon it.

Herbs, flower petals, little charms are inside. I leave the rest to your imagination.

I also put my animal power inside: a white swan. In silver of course for the Moon.

This is a very powerful little Crane Bag, or Medicine Bag.

I also asked people to make their Moon Lodge shield. You can amke one by stretching leather over an embroidery hoop and painting it.

Moon Shield

Here is mine:

Using shamanic techniques, we journied into the Otherworld by opening and calling in the five directions, and drumming. This was immensley powerful as our power animals took us deep into parallel dimensions for healing, inspiration, and teaching.

In another post I will lay out the pattern for the Moon Circles in case you might want to start your own.

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Summer Solstice: The Rite of Inner Marriage

It is deep twilight. The altar is decorated with a hot red cloth, and a dozen red roses fan out brightly against the blue gray light at the windows. Just under the roses is a stag’s head whose branching antlers hold two silver candles that are anointed with rose oil. To his left is a round silver hand mirror, and to his right, a red dish filled with blackberries. Five goblets of red wine ring the altar, five more candles ring the circumference of the circle.

I wear only a long wedding veil, for the Summer Solstice is a time for the Alchemical Marriage as the Goddess and God join in the love that is death, for darkness encroaches on the threshold of Summer, as the strength of the sun begins to fade at the very height of his glory.

I cast the Circle round, pointing with a sharpened bone wound with a red ribbon, and charged with a white swan’s feather.

As I light the candles, I call the God to come through the Stag, and ask that the Goddess’s face shine in the Mirror. The berries are for the Faeries, who love brambles and black wine. I lay at the foot of the altar a plate of crescent shaped white cakes. All of this is for them, my gifts of gratitude for my good fortune and fulfillment of my dreams.

Shaking a deer-toed rattle, I go into the North where the God waits for me under an oak. My journey begins at the door in the Oak, the hollow in the tree that leads to the Green Land in the Hollow Hills. As the way of the North is before me, with its old moon like a hook of silver in the sky, the energy of the South comes through me, bringing the brightness of the Sun to illuminate the darkness.

Between the worlds, I fall into heavy trance where I dance with the Horned One, on a floor of thorns and roses,  the spiral dance that erases all duality.

The Goddess of the Moon and the Sacrificed God

Diana of the Moon and Hunt

Diana of the Moon and Hunt

This Summer Solstice is most powerful. I am writing this on June 22, the day after the Solstice proper, and the night of the New Moon.

New Moons are excellent for new beginnings, for as the Moon grows, your desires will manifest in much the same way that flowers will bloom and the tides come into the shore.

I love to explore symbols and see where they take me.

The year of this Summer Solstice is 2009. Nine is the Qabbalistic Number of the Moon. It correlates to the dewy atmosphere between the Moon and the Earth where life is created and sustained. Mistakenly referred to as the ‘astral plane’ by Theosophists, the ancients described this sphere, more accurately, as the Sub-Lunar Realm.

2+9 = 11 a  master number of psychic potency. Eleven is a bridge between the divine and mortal worlds.  The Moon is called the Treasure House of Images, the dispenser of dreams. She is the Goddess of Romance, for is it not the illusion of true love that compels us to regenerate our species? And is not the Moon the force of fertility, of the Mother and Child, in nature, of which we are a part?

The Illusion fostered by the Moon as 9, and the psychic perception of the 11, which is the two ones in relationship, conjures an image of the Stag God, Acteon, who dared to gaze upon the naked form of the Moon Goddess, Diana in her bath. It is the energy of the Quester lost in the dark forest with only the moon to guide him. The moonlight shimmers and makes one thing seem like another until he is, not guided at all, but lost, confused,  prey to madness as he is stalked by unseen creatures of the night.

The Moon as Virgin

After the sexual awakening of Beltane, Summer Solstice is meant to  be a time  of consummation,  the joyous celebration of the marriage of the Goddess and the God. Bonfires are lit, the marriage rite is enacted, but it always ends in death.

At one time the sacrificial victim was placed in a Wicker Man and burned. Over time this ritual killing  was replaced by the making of bread figures representing the Sacrificial Victim. They were often hung in trees, and eaten at the conclusion of the Rites. Always, there is this theme of love and death. After the marriage with the Goddess, who is the land, the God’s representative is sacrificed so that his now divinely illuminated blood,  source of life and power, is spilled upon the earth, charging the land to make it bear and bloom.

This year, the Solstice moon is an old moon, in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of the Horned God. On this night, he barely appears. Like an old antler, he is soon shed into the darkness. Cancer, sign of the Moon, of the Great Mother Goddess, is now in the place of the Sun. She has become the Sun. Moon and Sun combine within Her in an Inner Marriage. Now She is One Unto Herself, Virgin, no longer in need of an Other to complete her.

The Moon/ Sun in the sign of Cancer strengthens this idea, for Cancer is the crab living in its shell under the sea, isolated, hidden, moving sideways over land, to slip away under the waves, back to the safety of its dark, enclosed little world of tides and currents moved by the pull of the Moon.

No longer needed, indeed internalized, the Old God, Capricorn, retreats into the abyss of stars.

Eros Riding Capricorn

Eros Riding Capricorn

Capricorn, the Sacrificed God

But Capricorn is traditionally symbolized by the mountain goat with a fishes tail. He reaches the stars with His horns, and plunges into the depths of the sea with His tail, where Cancer, the Moon Goddess hides…He won’t allow Her to forget Him!

This Summer Solstice, the Virgin Moon waits for a fortnight for the Full Moon to arrive in the sign of Capricorn, the Horned God in all His splendor, reflecting the brilliance of the Goddess of Moon and Sun in the Mirror of Himself. But this Summer Moon will be eclipsed; He will not be able to meet the Goddess full on, for the Earth shall cast its shadow over the him, casting him out beyond the pale.

As Moon, reflecting the potentized lunar Sun, Capricorn continues to follow the cycle of the Sun, but does it as the Moon. Another kind of Inner Marriage thus takes place.

There should be no surprise that the planet Pluto, God the Underworld Kingdom of the Dead, should be waiting at the star gate of Capricorn to receive the God into His dark kingdom. Yet in the darkness of the Underworld, the God shall gain the great power of Pluto, planet of transformation, transmutation, and transcendence through cycles of death and rebirth.

The Goat is one the most commonly sacrificed animals in the ancient world. It where the term ‘scapegoat’ comes from. The sins of the tribe were placed on the goat, and he was turned loose to wander alone in the desert to die, and take the sins away with him…Perhaps the universe is playing out this scapegoat theme, for the sins of humanity have been very great as, in our refusal to sacrifice even the simplest of things, we come close to destroying the earth.

But It’s All Right…

Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars by Sidney Harold

While all this drama, this Greek Tragedy, is going on between the Sun and Moon, all this Inner Marriage and Virginity and Sacrifice, good old Venus and Mars are getting it on together in the most earthy of signs, Taurus!

The fertility of the earth shall continue in its creative, fertile duality with these two opposites attracting, magnetically, electrically, and in every other way. Add the sextile of Uranus in Pisces for thunder and forked lightening, a charged meeting of serpent power rising in the midst of the more earthy marriage!

This is a most powerful Summer Solstice! I am glad I took the effort to celebrate it!

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Maxine Sanders: Queen of the Witches, Dawn Ritual

Maxine Sanders is the famous Alexandrian High Priestess from England . I strongly identify with her, for I believe she was born with the Witchblood. As a teenager in the 1960′s, she defied the stereotype of the hag witch with the youth, beauty, and charisma of the Enchantress. Partnered with Alex Sanders, she was instrumental in bringing  the Old Religion to public consciousness and the eventual quasi-acceptability we have today. Her lifetime of dedication to the Mysteries as  healer, teacher, Initiator, and muse in the face social antagonism, media sensationalism, public adulation and envy, makes for one of the truly remarkable life stories of our time.

For newspaper articles from the 1960′s and 70s including tabloid stories and photos of early rituals, visit www.sexywitch.wordpress.com. The sublime hostess of the Sexy Witch, the Red Witch, has kindly allowed me to reprint the following article with rare pictures of a beautiful outdoor Dawn Ritual for a film made in 1969. You can aslo see other film footage on YouTube.

Thank you Red Witch!

Maxine has agreed to an interview with me about her current interests and path, so please come back for that as well as a review of her autobiography, Firechild. Firechild: The Life of Maxine Sanders, Witch Queen

The interview is here: Interview with the Queen of the Witches: Maxine Sanders

Maxine Sanders, Dawn Ritual, 1969

I used the colour photos from the following sequence in my Sexy Witch Video No.2. A particularly astute YouTube viewer asked to see more of them, and here they are!

The ritual that is the subject of this shoot obviously took place in winter, “on one of the high and private ridges of the Yorkshire Moors” (as a 1971 article tells us). On 16 February 1969 one picture from this sequence was printed in News of the World and I think it is likely that the ritual occurred shortly before that date.

Although the sixteen pictures below are taken from eight different publications (listed at the end of this post), and were reprinted in many more, few details about the event have emerged. Consequently, the pictures will have to tell their own story!

Man, Myth and Magic, No.3 (1970). p. 74; Man, Myth and Magic, No.11 (1970), front cover; Man, Myth and Magic (1970-71), pp. 1868b, 1870; Dennis Wheatley, The Devil and All His Works (1971; repr. London: Peerage Books, 1983), p. 233; Witchcraft 1.10 (January 1973), pp.36–37; Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology (London: Octopus, 1974), pp. 8–9, 104–5, 109; Encyclopedia of Magic and Superstition (London: Octopus, 1974), pp. 10, 19; Peter Haining, The Illustrated History of Witchcraft (London: New English Library, 1975), p. 15; Francis X. King, Magic: The Western Tradition (London: Thames and Hudson, 1975), plate 39; Susan Greenwood, Encyclopedia of Magic and Witchcraft (London: Lorenz Books, 2001), p. 202.

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Creating Sacred Space: Part 2

Above, Below, and Between

In the preceding article, Creating Sacred Space, I described how to create a Magic Circle based on the Four Directions of the compass. East, South. West, and North. This is the horizontal Place Between the Worlds, but there at three vertical directions needed  to complete the Astral Temple that really takes one safely into the Otherworld.

Magical Circle

Reestablish yourself within the Four Directions of the Magic Circle. I like what my teacher R.J.Stewart always says: “The direction in which you stand comes through you, the direction that face comes to you, the directions to you right and left uphold you.”

Now you stand in the center of the circle and raise your Magical Weapon to the sky and say:

“I call forth the Gods and Goddesses of the Celestial Realm. The Moon, the Sun, and the Stars, the Seven Planets, the Signs of the Ecliptic, are arranged above us tonight.”

Earthlight Ritual

You can perform the Faery Earthlight Ritual while you call the Sky, as taught by R.J.Stewart at this point to bring it into your body:
*Standing straight with your arms at your sides, visualize the color green in your feet and moving up your legs.
*Raising your arms a little, visualize the color blue moving into your pelvis and generative organs.
*Raising your arms so they are even with your shoulders, visualize the color red moving into your chest and heart.
*Raising your arms so above your head, visualize the color yellow around your head.
*Slowly bring your arms down, visualizing the colors as you go.
This is called Raising the Earthlight and is a Faery technique.

Descent to the Underworld

Now see the ground at your feet. Depending on your tradition, see a five-pointed star shining with blue light, or a six pointed star, the door of a well, and stairway or the roots of a great tree whose branches spread down into the Underworld.

Traditions with Judeo-Christian values, may avoid going into the Underworld, known to them as the Infernal Realm, abode of Demons, or Qlippoth. They may believe that the Faery are Demons. Even I know that they are Fallen Angles — but so are we.

If you feel safer to work in a Temple that has no basement, then it it is perfectly fine to work within the SIX. For those of Faery or Infernal leanings, you will want to include the SEVENTH.

Take your seat in one of the Four Directions. Focus on the well, stairway or tree roots in the center of the Circle. There is a different feel to each.

The Well has a watery feel and tends to take you to twilight places. I find dew spangled grass, trees, and it is through the portal of the well that I have met Merlin, Morgan LeFay, Vivienne, and the Priestesses of the wells.
Around the well grow red and white roses. Roses are sacred to the Faery, and in facet have been created by them. Roses belong to Lucifer and the Madonna as well. I also give them to King Solomon, and the Black Madonna.

Stair to Moat

Stair to Moat

The Stairway that spirals down into the earth has a feel of ancient stone. In my experience, it leads to ancient temple precincts, ruins, and libraries. Also cemeteries, catacombs and the like. Goths will like the spiral stairway, for it seems to lead to the darker mysteries.

The Reversed Tree leads to the Faery Realm, the Green Land and the path to the Palace Under the Hill. This is very potent. There are rules.

I will write another post on the subject of Faery etiquette in the future. If you insist on trying it out before that, use impeccable manners and treat the Lordly Ones with deference, and respect. This isn’t just about being nice — its a warning.

The Sphere Of Light

Now you are within the sphere which is your Astral Temple. You can work within and below as I described, you can journey into one or all of the Four Directions and learn form them. This is never boring as far as I am concerned, because it changes all the time.
This horizontal work can bring amazing experiences. You can wander into the dark forest of the Grimm’s fairy tales, or dive into Undersea Palaces, dally in the Garden of the Rose, or walk among the Standing Stones that shine on the low hill at sunrise..

If you want to move Above, Rising on the Planes, set your intention and you feel yourself shift. Shifting usually brings a sensation of light pressure in your solar plexus and head.
You can visit the Moon, Sun, or Stars. I like to see a golden ladder come down and climb it sometimes. Tower imagery works very well. They have different feels about them. I have often found myself lying in a long golden boat called Millions of Years.

Mood Enhancers

*Music instantly changes the atmosphere. Ambient music, Tibetan bowls, drumming can help focus the mind.
*Incense acts on ancestral memory. Some incenses are designed to call upon certain spirits or deities. Benzoin and Amber call the Faery.
* Crystals, stones, flowers, leaves, figures, and other images can help one to focus, adding a visual link to the deep, subconscious mind. I used to use a crystal bowl filled with water as the centerpiece of my Moon Circles for years.

Every item in the circle should follow the Correspondences to bring through the energies to want to work with.

I will write more on these topics as we go along. Any requests? have any questions or ideas come up about this work of Creating Sacred Space?

For more Magical Instruction, subscribe to my email list and you will be updated.

You can’t go wrong with these books by R.J.Stewart Faery Magus

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Creating Sacred Space

Waterhouse, Magic Circle

Waterhouse, Magic Circle

If we wish to travel between the worlds, the first step is to create Sacred Space. Magic is based on pattern making, and one of the primal patterns of magic has to do with the four directions North, East, South, and West.
The first thing we do when we plan to enter the Otherworld is to draw a Circle around ourselves. This is done for protection (to keep undesirable spirits and energies out), and to create a container for our energies so that they do not scatter. Building the Circle helps with focus and defines intention. Dancing around the Circle is a traditional way to raise the Cone of Power by which a magical working is energized and enchantments are cast.

Creating the Magical Circle

The Circle is built in various ways, depending on one’s style. For a Ceremonial Magician, or Wiccan the circumference of the Circle is inscribed in the air with a Sword or Athalme (dagger) respectively. For Faery Witches, who don’t like metals, it is enough to use the index finger to direct a blue flame in a sunwise ring around oneself, and then envision the ring igniting in a circle of blue flames. There are other ‘styles’ of Circle visualization, such as the Druid, Irish Faery, and Medicine Wheel that will be discussed in future articles.

It is wise for beginners to perform Magical Workings at night because it is easier to see spirits in the dark. Because of the ethereal transparency of spiritual beings, sunlight makes them harder to see.  Think of how faint the light of a candle flame is in a sunny window.

Once the Witch has placed herself in the center of her Faery Ring, she can charge each direction by invoking its traditional Correspondences. These are qualities found in Nature, for all Magical People know that Nature is the veil behind which the Magical Powers dwell. By calling forth the Powers of the Directions, the Witch creates a Portal or Doorway into the Unseen.

Upon the doorway in each direction an Invoking Pentagram  is drawn in blue flame. This  five-pointed star is traced in the air starting at the topmost point and working in a clockwise direction. This sign protects and seals the space so that no undesirable entities can interfere with the work.



Watchtower of the East

Standing with her face towards the East and pointing her Magical Weapon, the Witch traces an Invoking Pentagram in the air and calls:
Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, I beseech you to grant me your presence at my Circle tonight. Spirits of the sky and air, send fresh breezes to charge my Circle. Fill them with birdsong, and the rays of the sun, as it moves above the horizon at dawn, to brighten the wild flowers that cover the low hills sparkling with dew. I called the Winged Ones: birds, butterflies, bees; Angels, Sylphs, the Grey-Eyed Beings of Wind and Wildness, the Magical Child with the Morning Star on his brow, The Keepers of the Sacred Sword that rises from the ground in the circle of tall stones. Bring me the gift of refreshment, aspiration, inspiration, rebirth, and the power of eloquent speech. I invoke you, oh Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East to attend my working this night!

Richard Dadd

Richard Dadd, Magical Child

If you take this speech apart, you will see the elements that correspond to the Magical Direction East. Dissected, as with the Sword of Reason, these are:

Elemental Air : breezes, wind, speech, music, the sense or hearing, ideas and thoughts that fly on the air. Even dreams, with their tendency to slip away on waking have a quality of air.Air ranges everywhere. It is difficult to contain. It brings all other Elements together through communication.

Sylphs: Personifications of Air. One could think of them as fairies, ethereal, transparent, young, winged.

Dawn: Birth and rebirth, newness, infancy and early childhood.
As the air goes everywhere and unites all things, so the child wants to explore its new environment.

Spring: wildflowers, birdsong, bees, birds returning from their wintering grounds,

Sword: The sword is like thought. It is bright and keen but can cut, like words, either way. It has a point. It expresses clarity. Once it is thrust for destructive reasons, it inflicts wounds that cannot be taken back. If used consciously, it brings focus, discernment, depth; it cuts to the chase.

The colors  for the East are: yellow, blue-grey, violet, or clear.

Further meditation will reveal more of the brilliance of the correspondences. For instance, the word Inspiration speaks to a function of air which is breath, inhaled, exhaled, inspired.

Watchtower of the South


We turn facing South, raising the Wand, and call out:

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, I beseech you to grant me your presence at my Circle tonight.  Spirits of fire, ignite my working with your brilliant Light, spark my Magic with your flames of strong desire, illuminate my powers of vision so that I might see into your Sacred Realm.  Salamanders, dance with me in the rose garden of summer under the bright sun. Fill me with strong sexual energy so that I might make my magic come alive. Grant me the strength of my bloodline, the heroism of my ancestry in the prime of their youth. Roses, thorns, fire, and blood, great cats, snakes, lizards, those with claws, those that adore the hot sun, enter my circle tonight. Keeper of the Bright Staff, the Sacred Lance, grant me the gifts of Clairvoyance, creativity, youth, energy, and love.
Charge me with Right Action so that my Magic may come to pass.
This is the meaning of the Sun at Midnight. Oh Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, appear! Motivate and empower my working tonight.

The Correspondences for the South may now be seen to include:
Elemental Fire and heat
The sense of Sight
Roses, summer flowers
Green trees and grass
The Sacred Staff
Sexuality and Romance
Blood and bloodlines
Clawed animals and cold blooded reptiles that love the sun
Action, energy
Its colors are red, orange, white, or green

See how it works?

Watchtower of the West

Grail Maiden

Grail Maiden

We move on to the West and raising the cup, call out:
Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, I beseech you to grant me your presence at my Circle tonight. Spirits of the oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and rain, wash into my Circle tonight with your cleansing power. In the gathering twilight, as the sun sinks below the sea, the dying light reflects in the red-gold leaves of the trees. Undines, sing your siren songs from the rocks as the waves crash around you. The cauldron of the ocean bubbles with froth and phosphorescence. The Goddess of Love and Healing walks upon the tide with the evening star on her brow and the horns of the rising moon at her back. Come quietly along the path strewn with fallen leaves, sit around the Sacred Well and gaze into the waters of memory, for the Path that has been trodden is longer than that which comes before.
Swan, Pelican, heron, sea tortoise, dolphin, whale, all those who live between earth and sea and sky, enter my Circle with your shape shifting powers of transition and transformation. Fill me with the longing of poets, make me one with the rhythms of the tides of nature, give me the taste of salt and the smell of decay among the roses and the trees, so that I may know the fleetingness of life. Send me away on a ship with a purple sail to Avalon, where the deeper Mysteries are found. Come, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, and charge my Circle with Enchantment.

Sirens, Burne-Jones

Sirens, Burne-Jones

Again, the Correspondences for the West and Spiritual Water are:
Elemental water and tides
This resonates with the Moon as Mistress of the Sea and Tides
Undines, sirens, mermaids
Sunset, twilight
Cauldron of Death and Rebirth, Holy Grail
Sea creatures and water birds, amphibians
Ships and boats
Poetry, dreams, imagination, memory
Middle Age, experience, reflection, nostalgia
Shape Shifting, transformation, transition
Healing, cleansing, letting go
Senses of taste and smell
Colors: blue, aqua, silver, rose pink, gold

Watchtower of the North

Now we come to the North, direction of Magic, Mystery, and Manifestation.
Raise your Pentacle, dish or mirror and call out:

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, I beseech you to grant me your presence at my Circle tonight. As the snow falls upon the forest,  the North wind howls down form the mountains,  and the Road of Stars stretches across the moonless sky, bring me your Divine presence tonight. The lake has frozen so that it shines like a mirror and in that mirror we gaze and see our death.  In the darkness we hear the cry of the wolf, the bear sleeps and dreams in his cave, the white stag runs through the dark forest to harvest the souls of the Wyze. Welcome, gnomes and dwarves! Teach me the ways of the Underworld, lead me to the Underground Halls of Faery so that I might dance the cold winter away.  Show me where to find treasure that will last in the Upper World as my wishes are intensified and shaped into matter.
The Goddess of Death comes out from behind the tall stones. Carrying a mirror incised with a pentagram, she points the way down the winding path that goes beside the White Trees, and leads into the Labyrinth. There the long Dance of Death begins, the dark banquet among the ancestors. We sleep, we dream, we rest beside the flickering fire, we tell the tales of old, and turn about to gestate another life. Come Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, enter my Circle with your power to shape unseen forces into tangible forms. Let me feel the cold, the wind, the mountain, the tree, the softness of white fur, the solidity of my body in time and space. Empower manifestation now!

Correspondences for the North:
Dark Moon
Horned and Hoofed animals, white animals, animals that hibernate
Goddess. of Death and Rebirth
The Mirror
Ice and Fire
Forest, mountain, rocks, caves, crystals
Sense of touch
Gravity, solidity. differentiation
Gnomes and Dwarves
Hidden treasure

Learning to Invoke the Spirits of the Directions

These invocations are but a guide; it is not necessary to memorize them. Rather, once the Correspondences are learned by heart, and their imagery internalized, you will be able to make your invocations up as you go along.

Once the Four Directions are invoked, your Circle is protected and charged.


There are three more directions to consider. Whereas the Four Directions create a horizontal space, flat in the Earth, the addition of the Center, Above and Below establishes a sphere.
With these Seven Directions around you, anchoring you in space and timelessness, you will already have shifted your consciousness into the Magical Realms.

The remaining Three Directions will be the subject of the next article on Magical Pattern Making.

Fairies Circle

Fairies Circle

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