The Babalon Working

In this video, the currents and visions that accompany the Babalon Working are an accurate indication of the powerful energies I found myself being bombarded by quite unexpectedly. Paul Green’s play is a ritual in itself. Rehearsing it, learning the lines, merging with the character of Cameron and taking on the spirit of Babalon steeped me in this ritual for months. I was not an Initiate of Crowley’s system of Magick. All Hell broke loose, just as I feared. You can imagine it watching this video.

There is an odd connection I did have with the Babalon Working though. The link was the Holy Grail, but this is another post.

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8 thoughts on “The Babalon Working

  1. For the straight record.Parsons did not perform the”Babylon Working under orders from Crowley”… “Moonchild” was a novel written by Crowley, there is no record of Crowley evern conceiving of it as anyting other than fictional. Crowley was of course a practitioner of Ritual Magic (spelled Magick by him) but was told by Parsons of his plans. Its indicative of Crowleys attitude when he wrote to his closest disciple and succesor Gerhard Germer about the Babylon working.. “Apparently Parsons and Hubbard, or someone are producing a Moonchild.I become fairly frantic when i contemplate the idiocy of these louts.”…that is a verbatim quote from Crowleys letter.

  2. Did I rite that Crowley “ordered” Parsons to do it? I already knew he thought Parsons was crazy for trying it and wasn’t involved. I will have to check –unless I was quoting something. Hmmm….
    Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Hi i was trying to listen to some of the Babalon audio files but the link is dead. By the way I’ve been contacted by the goddess in dreams, i have been waling this path for several years looking for something and i would like to have a chat with someone who has a deeper knowledge of this topic, so there it is..
    Im sending you all of my energies hoping for an answer.


  4. Are there audio files? Its been so long I forgot. I was in this play. Before I was cast in this play in London, I had no idea who Jack Parson and Marjorie Cameron were. I did have experience with magic, but had stayed away form Thelema. So I’m not really the person to ask. The director, Alison Rockbrand–if you can find her–has a vast knowledge of this area. I’d look for her.

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