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Legacy of the Witchblood

Legacy of the Witchblood

Wicca: The Charge of the Goddess

Everything Has a Soul

The Horned Ones

Attributes of the Horned God During the Dark Night of the Soul

What is a Witch? How do You Know You are a Witch?

How to Communicate With Trees

Wicca: The Charge of the Goddess

13 Signs that You have the Witchblood

Creating Sacred Space: Part 1

Creating Sacred Space: Part 2

Haunted Salem

The Color of the Witchblood is Green

What is a Faery Witch?

What is Winterspells Faery Witchcraft?

Summer Solstice: The Rite of Inner Marriage

How the Catholic Church Led Me Into Paganism

The Burning Times

The Root of Confusion: Admission vs. Initiation, by Trystn Branwyn

My Nine Favorite Witches

Stirring the Witchblood: John Barleycorn Must Die, A Lammas Ritual

How To Create Moon Circles and Harness the The Power of the Moo

For Mabon: The Spoils of Annwn

What is in a Name?

What is it Like to be a Faery Witch?

The Erotic Realm of Faery

Black Magic or Redemption? Gargoyles

Faeries, Dragons & Witch Blood by Radomir Ristic

Witches Familiars

Witch’s Familiars: Animal Spirits and Their Charms

Witchery of the Frog and Toad

Witchery of the Hare

Witches Familiars: Witchery of the White Sow

Witches Familiars: Magic of the Horse

Witches Familiars: The Witchery of Birds

Faery Ballads

Stirring the Witchblood: John Barleycorn Must Die

Initiatory Faery Ballad: Tam Lin

Thomas Rhymer: An Exploration of A Faery Ballad

Lyke Wake Dirge: A Journey Between the Worlds

Shape Shifting Song


Ogham: The Mysterious Language of Trees – BirchOgham:

The Mysterious Language of Trees – part 2

Ogham: The Mysterious Language of Trees

Occultism in the Arts

Four Witches, Three Graces? Or Something Else…?

The Dark Side of Faery Tales: Bluebeard’s Castle

Bela Bartok: Powers in the Land

Bartok’s Duke Bluebeard’s Castle

Writing is a Magical Rite

Spring Witch

Nigel Jackson and “Winter Rouses All My Grief”

Kirk! An Interview with Film Director Michael Ferns

Kirk! Official Trailer

Black Magic or Redemption? Gargoyles

Legacy of the Witchblood and Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches

The Magical Art of Writing Fiction and The Roses of the Moon

Babalon Diaries/ Thelema

Babalon Diaries #10. Podcast Interview with Author Paul A. Green

Babalon Diaries Appendix # 2: The Qliphoth, by Paul A. Green

Understanding the Tree of Life, and the Qliphoth

Babalon Diaries, Love Potion #9:Making the Moonchild

Babalon Diaries 8: The Search for Babalon

Babalon Diaries # 7: Foxy Red

Babalon Diaries: The Audition

Babalon Diaries: Pharaon’s Grimoire Comes to Life

Babalon Diaries: The Consecration of a Grimoire

Babalon Diaries: De Umbrarum Regus Novum Portis

Babalon Diaries: Ninth Gate and the Great Whore

The Babalon Diaries: First Stirring: Enochian Tarot


Hidden Doors: My Websites

Mysteries of the Tarot: The Fool

The Ship of Fools

What Is Tarot and Where Does it Come From?

Interview with Tarot Historian, Paul Huson

Past Lives

Death in Art

Are Past Life Memories Real?

Magical Perception


A Winter Spell: Twa Corbies

Winter Means Death

The Celestial UnderWorld

The Gate at the Ege of the World

Heimdall, Rowan, Aquarius, Winter Dreams

London: Spirits of the Land, The Faerie Queene

How to Know if Your House is Haunted: My Ehow Articles

What Automatic Writing Is, and How to Do It.

August Eclipse and How to Let Go of What No Longer Works

Numerologist Tania Gabrielle and Number 11

Pluto in Capricorn for 16 Years — What Does it Mean

Psychic Development, Magick and the Other Stuff


Intimations of Ancestry: Song to the Gundastrup Cauldron


What Happened to You on May Eve?

Beware Walpurgis Night

Stirring the Witchblood: John Barleycorn Must Die, A Lammas Ritual

Who Are the Faeries? How Did They Come to Be?

Interviews & Reviews

Firechild: The Life of Maxine Sanders, Witch Queen

Maxine Sanders: Queen of the Witches

Interview with the Queen of the Witches: Maxine Sanders

Interview with Tarot Historian, Paul Huson

Babalon Diaries Appendix # 2: The Qliphoth, by Paul A. Green

Babalon Diaries #10. Podcast Interview with Author Paul A. Green

Interview with Robert Place: Tarot Illustrator & Historian

Interview with Tarot Artist Robert Place: Part 2

Judika Illes’s Field Guide to Witches

Psychic: My Life in Two Worlds, by Sylvia Browne; Review


My Magical Timeline: North

My Magical Timeline: North and East, Living Outside My Body

Haunting Childhood Memories…

Magical Timeline: Going Where the Veil is Thin

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  1. I just watched and love “Fairie Faith: in search of fairies.” I cannot find anywhere the credits! John Walters made the film, but who is the harpist, the great commentators? Do you know?

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