Book of Shadows and Light

Briar Rose by Kay Neilsen

Briar Rose by Kay Nielsen

Welcome to my Book of Shadows and Light at Winterspells.
This is a place where I will throw the net of consciousness into the sea of the past to marvel at  what is drawn to the surface. As I cast my nets ever deeper into the witchblood — a bloodline turned to fire as the ancestors have ‘woken up’ within me, I shall share the many  revelations that come to light about my spiritual journey.
The entries shall be random, intuitive, skirting around the linear and rational order of how our minds are “supposed” to work, or how stories are meant to play out, for in the psychic realms time does not flow from past to present to future, rather time is simultaneous, a whirl of images, voices, impressions, memories, and precognitions.
If you stumble in here by chance or design, you may find common ground, perhaps your own spiritual crisis shall resonate with mine.

Feel free to comment or share your own memories. Our individual histories may come together in surprising and enlightening ways sparked by contact with the insights of others.

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