Who Are the Faeries? How Did They Come to Be?

Faery Teachings

For those who wish to understand the Faery teachings that are the core of the Winterspells School of Faery Witchcraft. some understanding of the Faery race that I work with might be helpful. This is especially so if you are still under the influence of Christian viewpoints regarding Above and Below. Heaven and Hell and all the moral issues that govern these directions.

The Celtic Creation Story of the  Tuatha deDanaan is very similar to John Milton’s Paradise Lost in which Satan enlists the aid of a Lucifer to foment a rebellion against God the Father.


The  War in Heaven

There were five great Archangels that guarded the throne of God: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel (or Ariel), and Lucifer. Lucifer, whose name means Lightbearer, was the most beautiful of all. His station was at the left hand of God. Some poets sang that tale that Lucifer was God’s first son, brother of Christ. In Paradise Lost, he claims equality with God.

When God created Adam and Eve, He was quite pleased and wanted to give the human race  dominion over all other creatures on Earth. Lucifer did not agree. At that point, the human race was not very clever, or beautiful, but was rather brutal, dark, and lumpish like the clay from which it was formed.  The other Archangels, especially Michael, championed the human race. Lucifer was not worried about this, for was he not the most brilliant of the Archangels? He had created the most glorious palaces in Heaven, rivaling the creative power of God.  His arrogance incensed the other Archangels so that they declared war against Lucifer; such pride and arrogance had no place in Heaven!

Archangel Michael marshaled and army to fight on the side of God and His master plan; Lucifer gathered an army to strive against it. Eventually, Michael won and cast Lucifer, and all his angelic followers, out of Heaven.

Heaven being above, Lucifer and his angels  toppled  down, down , down, drawn into the gravitational field of the Earth. On the way  down, Lucifer’s crown, with its great emerald, fell off of his head  and was lost in the depths of the Underworld.  Lucifer and his angels feel into a great chasm, an abyss, that opened in the Earth, finally landing at its center.

There they found themselves in green land with its own sun, moon, and stars, a mirror image of the Heavens above. There they built great magical cities and ruled the earth in might and splendor.

These were the original Faeries, the Fallen Angels, ruled by Lord Lucifer. In Christian times, the Light Bearer came to be called the Prince of Darkness because he dwelled in the shadows under the earth, exiled with his subjects, the Tuatha deDanaan, who were feared as enemies of God.

The Tuatha deDanaan are the true Keepers of the Emerald that fell from Lucifer’s crown. The green jewel has been called the Emerald Tablet, the Philosophers’ Stone, the Holy Grail.

Perhaps it has always simply been the green Earth.

The Lighbringer’s Gift

There is a tradition that says that Lucifer’s angels took on the task of improving the human race, for “they looked upon the daughters of man and saw that they were fair…”
They mated with humans, and because of that their children were endowed with the fire of divinity, capable of awakening to their divine nature. This legend is behind the Grail Quest and the seeking of the Philosophers’ Stone. Of course, they are one and the same thing.

Lucifer is not Satan. Satan is the Opposer, the block that seeks to hold consciousness in ignorance of its divinity by keeping it locked at the material level. There are those who enjoy the realm of Satan for this very reason. According to Celtic tradition, Satan rules the Way of Evil, God rules the Way of Good, and much like nature in which they so deeply participate, the Faeries follow the Middle Way, neither entirely good, nor entirely evil, they do what they must in the moment.

In Thomas Rhymer the Faery Queen says to Thomas:

See you not yon narrow road
So thick beset with thorns and briars?
That is the road of righteousness,
Though after it but few enquire.

And see you not that broad, broad road,
That winds about the lily leaven?
That is the road to wickedness
Though some call it the Road to Heaven.

And see you not that bonny road,
That winds about the ferny brae?
That is the road to fair Elfland
Where thou and I this night mawn gae.

The middle way,  the sword bridge, the path of mystery and magic.

Images by Gustave Dore/ Paradise Lost

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