Everything Has a Soul

One cannot have the Witchblood and perceive nature as a collection of dead objects to be harvested or exploited. For ones like us, everything is alive and has consciousness. That consciousness is not the same as human consciousness, but since we are all on this earth together, we share a certain life force, a certain reality base that has been obscured for human beings by things like ‘religion’, ‘science’ and materialist philosophy, by ‘rationalism’ and other reductionist, fear based, ideologies.
Open your heart and you will ‘know’ that the trees speak, the animals have much to share with you, what the mountain gives, and the seas transmit.  That all of it is nothing except love. All of nature will vivify, and open itself to you, and you will walk into a magical world.
The downside is that all the abuse and cruel exploitation of the ‘rationalists’, scientific reductionists, and harvesters, can break your heart.

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