The Shadow Effect

The Shadow Effect

Introducing the blog of Corinne Edwards: Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards

Aepril Schaile by Peter Paradise

Aepril Schaile by Peter Paradise: One who knows...

I found this on the blog of the fabulous Corrine Edwards at Personal Growth With Corinne Edwards.

Be sure to visit Corinne’s blog, it is full of humor, down to earth wisdom, and interviews with famous icons of the personal growth movement like Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson.

The article and the movie trailer below, moved me so much I am reprinting the whole thing here. It is also a nice follow up to the previous post about the Dark Side of the Tree of Life: Understanding the Tree of Life, and the Qliphoth

I began the Winterspells blog ( January  2009) to explore this very issue, for my own Shadow Work, or what I called the Nigredo as the Alchemical process is very real for me, has been cyclical and intense. It follows the revolving nature of light/darkness/light/darkness, or life/death/life/death, creation/destruction pattern that is the essence of the Great Goddess.

There are Black and White Madonnas for instance that reveal this cycle. This is partly based on the seasons, and the passage of day into night and back again. The Celtic Goddess Brighid has Bright and Dark aspects. It is said to be wiser to worship the Dark side the Gods first, for it will bring you to the Light, whereas  if you focus exclusively on the Light you will be forced to face the Darkness. And Dark isn’t just a color or  an idea, it is an experience of loss and pain, but without it we would not know wholeness, and at this time of increased consciousness, the ability to see the whole is what the Earth needs from us.

Shadow times are also called the Dark Night of the Soul when it arises along the spiritual path.

This is when you learn that the Light comes from the Darkness.

I know Debbie Ford.  As a matter of fact, I know almost everyone in her movie, The Shadow Effect.

I interviewed them on my TV show on Wisdom Television so I studied their books and spent much time speaking with them.

Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, James Van Praagh.  I love these people.

I can vouch for everyone above that they are sincere and are dedicated to helping.  With all their hearts.  They are good people.

But I have to admit The Shadow Effect was a surprise to me.  It goes much deeper than I thought it would.

Especially, Debbie, who is the star of the show.  She has developed from an accomplished writer who was even a little shy when I met her to – just as I said – a STAR!

If you are going to invest in this movie, either as a download or in a group or as a purchase of the DVD, I thought I should prepare you.

This is not a goody two shoes, woo woo consciousness, make-you-feel- good-self- help movie.

The only word I can conjure up at this moment is that this is a -


It will shake your being.  The being you have hidden from others – and – most important – the secrets you have held that you share with no one.  Not even yourself.

The “shadow” is the self that you hide.  That you cover up, very carefully.  You have substituted a whole different self you show to the world.  You have started to believe it yourself.  You have a public life and a private life.  Don’t go there into the shadow because it is terrifying.

Except it is there.  It could be shame you have carried since you were a child.  Deep within you and it comes out like an erupting volcano when you least expect it.

This DVD set is in parts.  The first a documentary.  The second an interactive experience where you are asked questions which are designed to bring your secrets out into the open. Privately, in your living room perhaps.

One of the important questions you will be asked is a nice one.  “What do you like best about yourself?”  Then, think of all the people you know who reflect those qualities.  They are all you.

Then, the zinger.  “What do you dislike most about yourself?”  Think of the people you don’t like and then come back to yourself.  Could this be a projection?  Are these things MY shadow?  Am I transferring my own darkness onto others?  Is this why I avoid these people?

Is it possible that these projections are holding you back from happiness and contentment? What if – as is stated in this movie –


This movie is not a condemnation.  It is an exercise in awareness.  Of bringing our worst selves into the cold bright day of the sunshine.  Taking a good look and deciding if we need to hide those secrets anymore even from ourselves.

I have known about the “shadow” for a long time.  I just did not know what to call it.

My opinion is that it never really leaves us.  It is an imprint.

The benefit of this movie is that you will suddenly know who it is.  It will have a first and last name and you can call it out when it inspires us to act destructively.  You will become aware it is there.

So, when something comes up, we can say to it –

Damn!  There you are again.  Get lost.

As Deepak Chopra says –

“The sinner and the saint are only exchanging notes.”

I would say – be brave enough to see this movie.  You might be surprised at what you uncover.  I was.

To purchase the DVD
The Shadow Effect Movie DVD

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P;ease note, this blog does not benefit if you buy the film.

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