How to Communicate With Trees

Have you ever noticed that, especially at twilight, and into the night, that the trees speak? The evergreens, standing in a row of peaked shadows against the sky, gather and watch you. Small fruit trees brighten and joyfully cast light all around them. Leaves shimmer in the breezes like tongues. Trees lean toward you, and in winter seem to move in closer as if seeking warmth.
Because I was born with the Witchblood, this is easy for me and do not remember a time when I could not commune with the trees. If it is not so for you, then to try to do it will expand your consciousness and give you a new relationship with nature.

First you must fight your conditioning if you have been taught to view trees and plants as inanimate objects. All things are alive and connected to us at a deep level. If you can still you mind, stopping all self generated thoughts, you will become receptive. Look through you eyes using your peripheral visions. This helps to defocus your attention and has the effect of centering you in your heart.

Now, gaze at the trees and sense their beauty
, their energy, and how they grow out of the earth and reach the sky, how they change and transform to epress the  mood of the season.  Focus on how the light plays over the leaves, how the shadows gather deep inside, and the branches move making patterns in space.  Are there birds or squirrels in the trees?

There is an old tradition, called Ogham, that told oracles based on the way twigs and branches intersect. This knowledge is available in books, but the trees will also teach those who have the desire and patience to learn in the old way. When your mind is empty of thoughts, wories, concerns and ego defenses, then the silent things of the world can link to your subcinsciuos mind with subtle vibrations, feelings, images, and sounds though they will not be in English ir any human language, but in Treespeak. Whatever you attend to, attends to you. There are no dead objects in nature, but souls.

When you experience communication with the trees, you will know that all of nature is alive and full of spirits. You will discover that, like the animals, the trees will register and warn about events that are about to take place, not only the onset of rain, but of earthquakes, pollution levels, war, danger, as well as a spirit of celebration and happiness. Trees indicated the health of a place on all levels.

The meditative state that this kind if attunement brings is extremely relaxing. As you become open and sensitized to nature, spirituality, poetry, and artistic inspiration will increase because the Muses are part of the spirit world of Earth.

The trees can teach you to open to the “unseen” levels of existence. This in turn opens your heart to unconditional love.
Remember, with this in mind, when you get your Christmas tree, say a little prayer for the tree. Give thanks and acknowledge the gift of beauty and rebirth that the tree is giving you. Be aware that the tree marks the Solstice, the time of increasing light.

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13 Signs that You Have the Witchblood

When you are born with the Witchblood there are things that move you, things that other people may not notice or may not care about, but that mean a great deal to you. These are usually natural things, for a true Witch lives in alignment with Faery and Faery is part of the natural world. Despite what computer games may suggest to you, The Faery flees metal, synthetics, unbalanced electro-magnetic waves, and will not appear where there is not an open and receptive heart.

These are the signs by which we are known and by which we know ourselves:

1:  You love the moon and all things related to the moon: Night, mirrors, pools of water,  owls, cats, the sound of frogs and crickets singing, pearls, crystals, willow trees, night blooming jasmine….

2:You love what is old and speaks of the past: Castles, ruins, stately homes, old books especially magic books, antiques, fairy tales, folk ballads…

3: You respond to silence and can sit for long periods of time in the woods, or by the sea, just communing with the trees and sky, the animals and the spirits of the place. You recognize ‘power spots’ and go back to them frequently for refreshment.

4: You are drawn to graveyards and tombs, the older the better, for you are in touch with the ancestors, those who have gone before and you know instinctively that the dead are still alive in a parallel dimension.

5: You dress differently to others. You feel the need to be in a distant time and place and so express yourself  as if you were already there. Your visions of the Faery will be clothed like you because the time and place you long for is Faery.

6: Animals are attracted to you and you to them. They sense your strong connection to nature and the Faery and so they trust you. Horses and cats, dogs and deer will approach you and wish to speak with you. You may know how to do this even if it happens below the level of awareness.

7: You are interested in Tarot cards, Astrology and perhaps you watch the stars and know the constellations. Divination is constantly fascinating for you. The movements of these things through Gypsy caravans and passed through the hands of Magicians with their magical books of sigils and talismans are your favorite areas of study.

8: Solitude is you friend for it allows you to commune with your soul where all things come together in the still center. From that place you are able to create, to bring forth the images of beauty and poetry that live within you that are the gift of your dual perception through Nature to Faery.

9: You are creative and artistic, a born poet, a painter of visions, a singer of strange songs. Especially if you are Green Ray, you are compelled to express what is in through the arts.

10: You can feel alone in a crowd, alien to the others, as if the people around you are less real that whatever it is that calls you from over the low, dark hills. Feeling misunderstood and as if you are not from this world is a common  phenomenon.

11: You are very sensitive, empathic and kind unless your empathy has been terrible abused and your sensitivity trampled and scorned. Then you can become very vindictive and seek the left hand path.

12:Stories and books about weird things, fantasy, fairy tales, ghost stories, sci-fi, dark fantasy and horror, erotica, lives of outsiders, arcane subjects and history bring you endless enjoyment. But this is not because it is fashionable, or only a whim. This is because the authors of these works are like-minded souls who experience and understand the same things you do  and are able to share worlds that you know exist, even when many dismiss them as ‘imaginary.’

13: The main three religions are uncomfortable for you. You cannot accept that thee is only one God, cannot believe in a philosophy that leaves out the earth and the rest of the living things to focus soley on mankind. You know in the depths of your soul that the Earth is our Mother from whom we are born and to whom we return, and to whom we owe our very life in between.

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