Michael Tsarion on 2012

If you have couple of hours, this video is so worth it.

I am a late comer to paying attention to 2012, mostly because of my Aquarian dislike of jumping on bandwagons. But the Entrance of the Pluto into Capricorn is having a profound effect on me and in ways I never experienced changes before.

In a strange way my life just feels different.I’ve been through this before– its like I am still in the same building but looking out a different window at a different view that is nonetheless part of the same landscape.

In this video Michale Tsarion talks about the changes involved with Pluto being at galactic center of the universe in 2007 — in the late degrees of Sagittarius, the spirit of rebellion and the power of personal sovereignty in a time when the most evil people in the world are attempting to throw the world into chaos and install their one world government.

If the conspiracy theories are true — and I am beginning to believe that they are — and these people, these self proclaimed Gods, the so-called Illuminati, are indeed invoking low vibrational powers and entities of destruction, than the best defense is to vibrate at frequencies that are so high and fast as to be out of their reach. This is done by igniting the divine light in the heart which comes from being in harmony with nature.¬† Enough people with strong¬† heart-centered lightbodies that cannot be penetrated will raise the vibration of the planet and protect the natural world the evil ones are so intent in destroying We will lift the creation up by its roots and thereby thwart the bloodthirsty spirits these illuminati want to install.

Michael makes a profound point when he says that some people actually delight in visions of destruction, death and the wasteland. For anyone who is sensitive, artistic and a lover of beauty this has been the great pain of life in this century—the steamroller of ugly commercialism killing everything in its wake as dropping bombs on the land. They feed their deities with the blood of children—the children whose parents send them off to war without a second thought and will fight for their right to do so. There are so many levels to this.

I agree with Michael that 2012 could go either way. They one world government will be ushered in, or we can wake up, reclaim our own divine rights and raise the frequency of our thoughts and relationship to the creation. I hope its the second.

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