August Eclipse and How to Let Go of What No Longer Works

August 5, 2009:

An eclipse of the moon at 13 degrees Aquarius.

This was the day I lost my J.O.B. This was also the day my dream of being a full time writer began in earnest.

Eclipses are about endings, especially the series of eclipses we have had this summer.  Once Pluto goes direct in Capricorn on September 11, 2009, we will be at the start of a new cycle. It is time to leave behind the things that don’t serve us and start to create the life we want to live for the next 16 years.

From Anne Ortelee:

Anne Ortelee is my favorite online Astrologer. This is what she has to say, in her over the top way, about this eclipse period:

I’ve heard a quite few “never agains” from the person sitting across the table or speaking over the phone line during the past six weeks. Watch that NEVER AGAIN energy quite carefully. Eclipses bring things to light so we SEE it in a way we never had before. Don’t say Never Again to deny YOURSELF something you deeply want. Do say Never Again to old behaviors that came to light which don‘t serve you any more. There is a difference. Notice it.

What is the Never Again you’ve been saying to yourself? Ok, now detach it from the person you’ve attached it to. I will NEVER AGAIN xyz with that person. That person was an energy in your chart, designed to be a fabulous experience, teacher and teachable moment in a great manner, by you and the desire of your soul to grow and experience things. Do you have the NEVER AGAIN detached from them? I don’t care how much you think they are the cause. It is YOUR chart ~ they are an actor in YOUR life. Detach it.

Next detach the NEVER AGAIN from you. You didn’t do anything wrong. You aren’t a bad person. You don’t deserve to be treated like this. However, you are an actor in THEIR story too. You are part of THEIR chart to help them get clear on what they are supposed to do and experience in this life time. Whether they get the lesson and learn from it is not your job. You’ve done your job by being in their life. You don’t need to stay here. Don’t give up on the idea of the lesson you were for them. Make sure you remember the point of saying NEVER AGAIN. It’ll keep you on your path.

Check her out:

Your Future and Your True Will


A simple ritual to clear something out of your life, is to do what I did with the J.O.B. Get rid of it!

I had to agitate to make my boss fire me. She didn’t want to. For some bizarre reason she wanted to give me the benefit of doubt. Maybe she knew how badly I wanted I out. Some people will do their damndest to hold you back.

You might be afraid to let go of the undesirable situation, or person, or thing. As for the job, I made sure I would be able to collect unemployment at a high enough amount and for a long enough time to cover the basics so I could get my projects off the ground. Then I chose the eclipse day for the bust up. People warned me against it. I wa,s and still am, a tad worried about making ends meet. But I did it anyway because the J.O.B. was making me sick, drained, and frustrated and I knew I did NOT want to identify with wage slave employee in the next cycle.  I did not want this reality!

I had long ago established who I Am as an artist and entrepreneur, a healer, clairvoyant, and teacher. I was not going to allow myself to slip into a pattern that was not in line with my True Will, didn’t suit me at all, was ruining my health, and was meant to be temporary anyway.

I hope you have the courage to walk away from your old patterns before they become fixed or  destructive to you. See the new reality opening out before you! Go for that.


Having always been a  passionate person and knowing since childhood that I wanted to be an artist,  I have never been able to understand people who have no idea what they want out of life. Sometimes a person would come to me for a Tarot reading and ask me “What am I here for? What should I be doing with my life?”

I would ask” What is your passion?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, what do you like to do? What gets you up in the morning? What makes you happy?”

“Being with my friends down at the pub.”

“What else?”

Blank stare.

I pondered this for a long time. Nobody is a blank slate. Inside every person is a burning desire, even if its just for the usual things like having a family and decent job.

What I think is really going on with these people is that their desires were squashed in childhood; they were shamed out of them, made to feel unworthy, told they would never be able to have that. So they gave up on their True Will — The very reason they are incarnated on this planet was abandoned,  and in giving up on their innermost desire, all fire and passion was doused as if a bucket of water was emptied over it. They gave up on themselves.

I know this because my parents, relatives, schoolmates,  tried to do that to me too. Trouble with me was that I am a very determined person. I am also an Aquarius, so I rebel. I was also on fire with images and dreams feelings that had to be made visible and tangible through creative expression. I held onto my True Will through Hell and high water.

So what if you haven’t been able to that? What if you lost all traces of your passion and your life’s purpose? Now this cycle is ending and a new one beginning — a fresh start — how do you choose what you want to create, to BE,  for the next 16 years?

Being in the Flow

I decided over the last 8 years to forge myself into a novelist. I had published and won prizes for my poetry, but that Muse wasn’t with me any more. I had poured myself into my healing practice branching out to teaching and leading public rituals before I went to London in 1998. After I completed my Grail Bearers Tarot, I began to write a novel for my own entertainment and got so immersed in it that I began to take my desire to write more seriously. I was reassured in this decision because my first Astrologer, Jeff Green, had told me that I was born to be  a writer and film maker. Since his predictions from that 1983 reading had been so accurate, I decide to follow that path.

When I write fiction I forget the time. Ideas surface and dramas play out like magic in my mind’s eye that I simply record. It is total ecstasy for me. All writers experience this. Its why they write! My decision to lose my job was coupled with the determination to BE a full time writer. Whether with novels, blogging, podcasts, videos — my next 16 years will be spent creating art from my imagination and putting it out there to share.

So I ask you: when are you in that flow state? If you know what that is, trust it. Go with where it takes you.

I believe, because I have experienced it, that if you do work that seizes you, that you can’t wait to get to, that you love, you can find a way to make a living at it. If its a relationship you want, make sure you ask that only the people who are the best for you come into your life. Choose to be happy.

If you have never been in the flow state — or don’t think you have  been– pay attention. Ask to be shown.

Say: “I am determined to know what my True Will is. I will experience what turns me on. I will live from my center, from my heart. I create the life I want NOW!”

I swear that if you ask, you will begin to notice when the flow is happening. You will have a glimpse at least of what fires you up.

You may have to go back to early childhood. Try to remember your happiest times. What absorbed your attention as a child?

You may have to spend some quiet time on the weekend tuning in to yourself and reflecting on what you can truly lose yourself in.

You may have a learning curve. Look at me! I have learned all this computer stuff from scratch, over the course of 7 months. Hard work? You bet! Worth it? Absolutely.

You may have to develop a new skill or talent. As I said I spent 8 years forging myself into a novelist. I still don’t have a novel published but I am determined, and now I have cut the time to focus on it as never before.

You may think what you love to do isn’t practical. I have a client who has always loved nature and animals. She is very spiritual and did Energy Healing with me for years, even over the phone while I was living in England. That stopped after a while. When I came back to Seattle, I got in touch with her.

In the years that I was gone, her Live-in Nanny position had ended ( the kids were grown) and she went on to work in a veterinarian’s office where she found herself soothing the animals who were going in for treatment. She had bonded so quickly with the pets that she was asked to  Pet Sit and this evolved into a full time business. ( She’s still Nannying in a way). Still at the vet’s part time, she is now being asked to do Energy Healing on the pets because the owners see how their animals respond to her. In fact one of the first things we did together when I came back, was to get her to a place where she could trust her ability to heal animals with her energy. Her passion for nature and animals has given her a life of joy and celebration every day — and a living as well.

Make A Treasure Map

Today I decided to make a Treasure Map. I think these days they are called Vision Boards.

This is the perfect time: between now and September 11.

I am designing my future. How I want it to be. I did this in the past many times. It works. Weirdly and amazingly. I highly recommend it.

Put in images of  your most far fetched dreams. I say that because before I became a healer I had NO IDEA that I would ever be that. I had no background, no credentials — nothing. But I had an Enlightenment experience that was so mind boggling that word got out. Next thing I knew I was doing healing for a living.


Take the chance — do it NOW. Now is the time to make changes that will last.

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