Thanks for reading my blog. For those of you who come here looking for my old blog. I want to let you know that I am redesigning it for WordPress. I plan to expand it to include reviews, interviews with prominent British magicians and  authors who deal with magical subjects, guest articles, videos and of course more  of my Wyrd adventures. There will also be poetry and fiction posts by myself and  others perhaps under a sub blog called Gothic Faery Tales.  I should have all of this ready before the end of the month.

I also plan an email newsletter to announce these events. I hope to make this blog an international center for esoteric studies and creative projects, based on Pagan / occult themes, that will create a sense of community. The beauty of the internet is of course that we can branch out globally so that, after a while, many magical paths will be represented here in all their incredible interesting glory.

Why “Winterspells”? Because winter is the dark time of year when all of nature turns inward. And it is when out ancestors sat around a warm fire and, in its glow, told stories.

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