What is it Like to be a Faery Witch?

My Very First Video Ever — No laughing Please!

It is with great humility, bordering on embarrassment, that I post this video. I was talked into it!

It is my very first video. I want you all to see that I wasn’t just being lazy with my posting to the blog this month. I was working hard to learn podcasting, and how to make videos. I plan to use this medium a lot in the future — they will be much better too! I learned a lot just by doing this one, bad as it is!

But I hope it shows you, if you think you can’t do things, that you can. Seven months ago, all I could do was email and simple google searches. In that time, totally non techie me, learned to build a WordPress blog,  make podcasts, interview people, and make videos.

So for what its worth here I am! Just don’t laugh, or yawn, too loud. I can hear you!!!!!

If you want to hear my podcasts, sign up for the free e-course in the box to the top right of the side bar. I have used a few podcasts to give guided meditations in the lessons.

OR go to Gothic Faery Tales at http://www,gothicfaerytales.com

I have podcasts there under What Are Gothic Faery Tales? and Parts 1 & 2 of Roses, Briars, Blood. I should have all 11 parts done by next week. I like this story and I read a lot. So if you have any love for fantasy fiction at all, why not give it a try?

Thanks for watching if you did.

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