A little poem I found scrawled in the convolutions of my brain.


Leaves by frahnkee





Does she love the half light,

the oblique mirror,

the sheen?

Are her fingers,

thrown against the white sky,


Is she always listening for

bells and


rustling footsteps

on the leaves?

Does autumn move her,

fire and gloom,

a winter white lover

holding secrets

under the black soil?


Within the hollow tree

she stands.

Knowledge trickling


down the vision

is not apart

from nature

but is in all things

that carpet

the earth.


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Ogham: The Mysterious Language of Trees: Ash

Ogham: The Mysterious Language of Trees: Ash

Ash, ash of the long strong twigs
You timber creation!
Branches of ash trees gather new light
In the deep, dark mazes of January snows.


The ancient Ash, bare branched in winter, is a witchy sight. Its gnarled branches and tangles of twigs seem to be holding secrets, perhaps spells cast up from its roots by the Three Fates who, in the perpetual night of the Underworld, weave the threads of destiny. This is the power of World Tree, Yggdrasil, the Ash.
It was from the branches of the Ash tree that Odin hung himself for nine days and nights to gain the power of the Runes, or magical speech that could harness and transform Fate according to his will. For is it not true that when something is named, and especially when it is written, that it comes within our power to control it?


As for the Ogham, the Ash, bare in its season of mid winter, is like a great scrawl, signifying that outward life is unformed as yet, that the great energies emerging from below the ground, are not yet set into the patterns of things to come. This leaves them vulnerable to the Magician who can grasp the pliable tangles and move them into the patterns of his or her desire. It is as if the branches can be arranged so that they write one’s spell upon the heavens.
The Ash is a tree that loves the wet ground. Thus it is said to be rooted in the Well of Wyrd, the deepest portal into the Underworld out of which the Runes were born. Around the rim of the Well, the Weavers sit, catching the Runes in their threads to re-create the world.
At the base of the tree is the serpent of wisdom, who winds its way up the trunk of the tree, and into its branches, to peer out of its leaves in search of those who would seize the knowledge of the forces of Creation. Thus Shamans, known in European cultures as Witches, used this tree as a road into the deepest levels of the primal Unseen, and then again, as a ladder rising up the planes into the highest of Celestial realms, where the Moon, Sun, and Stars confer another kind of wisdom.
It is the branches of tall and ancient Ash tree that gather the new light from the Heavens and bring it to Earth in preparation for renewal in Spring

Yggdrasil: The World Tree

Ash Working

When entering and leaving Faery by way of the inverted tree, it would lend potency to your working to know the lore of the Ash, for this detail will lead you deeper into the Underworld, and open more realms to you.
The efficacy of magical work hinges on the build up of certain images in the aethers that surround planet earth in the sub-lunar plane. The older the images, the more power they hold, and that power is made of the thought forms of every person and animal who has projected their intention towards it. An avatar as ancient as the Sacred Ash, the World Tree, Yggdrasil, is a battery of potent imagery that can catapult you through time and space to where the soul imprints of past Magicians  and Witches are still active.

Divination by Ash: New energies are stirring deep inside you. take time to meditate and grasp the messages that your subconscious mind is sending you.

One way to do this would be to cast the magical circle with the ash as its central axis. Let it take you into the Underworld, and then up into the stars. Pay attention to what you see, and what and whom you meet. Keep a  journal, and record of your journey, and by doing so, self knowledge will come to you.
You may begin to have prophetic dreams. Write them down. remember the Scared Letters and their power to influence the Web of Wyrd at this time.
Magical tools made of Ash are said to be most potent as they draw on the strength of the World Tree.


Magical Correspondences

Ogham name: Nion
Letter: N
Tree: Ash
Deities: Gwydion, Lleu
Bird: Snipe
Animal: Adder
Color: Clear
Use: Wands, spears, lintels


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Ogham: The Mysterious Language of Trees

Thirteen Moons: A Year of Magical Trees

by Alyne deWinter

Writing is a magical rite, a way to ‘alter consciousness at will’. Writing opens the door to the unseen…

Ogham: The Mysterious Language of Trees

I am intrigued by the power of Ogham, the sacred alphabet that is formed by the way the branches of the trees cross each other against the sky. Imagine reading the branches, and then the sky through the branches…. a bird flies across the ‘empty’ space, the wind blows causing the branches to move and re-arrange themselves. The meaning changes, a sentence is created, a poem…
Whatever you communicate with communicates with you. Everything is connected.


>Moonlit Shadow Night Trees Images


Trees and the Moon

The first timekeeper was the Moon. Our earliest ancestors living as close to the earth as they did, would not have been able to help noticing the regularity of the lunar cycles. Women would have noticed their bleeding came and went with a particular phase of the moon — most likely the dark moon associated with death and the void. Ovulation, the preparation of the womb for the insemination of life, would have been linked to the full moon. Our ancestors would, of course, have noted the passing of the months by the changing moon,  the transformations of the seasons by alterations of the land, and the renewing cycle of the year at the crux of the thirteenth moon when the world was plunged into darkness.

Trees display the changing seasons quickly and dramatically. When trees begin and bud and burst into flower, we know that it is Spring and the days will grow longer and warmer. When the flowers turn in on themselves and become nuts, fruits, and seeds among leaves of lush and vivid green, it is a sure sign of Summer. When the trees start to turn golden, flame, russet, and brown, we know that Autumn has arrived and that the bare bones of Winter will follow like Fate.

So it is not difficult to understand how the moons were linked with the trees, and how someone might notice how trees express the characteristics of the seasons, and might suggest a connection that not only allows people to tell what season, and more precisely, what month it is, but also to know the qualities of that month and how to prepare for it.

Not all Faery Seers will agree the following associations of months and trees, but it seems most fitting to place Birch at the threshold of the New Year.


Trees as Oracles

Our early ancestors would also have noticed how trees begin in the Underworld and reach up to touch the sky. There was a time when people saw the sky as a great dome set over the earth, so it must have seemed very magical that the trees could seem to touch the roof of the sky. Birds also live among the trees, fly through the branches and across the sky. Some birds migrate on schedule and were thus also tellers of the time. The coming of winter could be judged more exactly by when the birds chose to leave and how long they chose to stay. Thus our ancestors foretold the future by the flight of birds, and they used the patterns of the crossing branches to divine the deeper messages of earth and sky.

As the trees touch the sky, they also delve deep into the earth. In many traditions the place below the ground is the realm of the dead. This makes sense when we know that for many cultures, the dead are buried in the earth. Faeries, who are the spirits of ancestors, and even old gods “killed” by the invading cultures, also live down below in the Underworld. Both ancestors and Faeries have magical powers — living among the roots and seeds, they may have been credited with maintaining the fertility of the soil, of making the crops grow and even making the earth give birth to animals and humans alike. Thus, the trees join all the worlds: the Underworld of ancestors and faeries, the middle ground of earthly life, and the sky of weather, sun, moon, stars, and the birds who are their messengers.

Would it not be too far fetched then to see how our ancestors may have thought that the Gods spoke to them through the trees?


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The Magical Art of Writing Fiction and The Roses of the Moon


Excerpt from The Roses of the Moon and Hungarian Mythology

I haven’t been writing the blog as much as I should because I have had to focus on getting my novel The Roses of the Moon ready for publication in September 2010. I have deadlines….

Writing a novel is journey on so many levels that trading a lifetime of travel for writing has not been too difficult. It gets to be time to start using life experiences,  gleaning the lessons, and sharing the wonder of adventure while taking a much needed rest. My feet are getting itchy again, so next chance I get away I go!

The Roses of the Moon was begun in Autumn of 2007 and was written in one month clocking in at 50,000 words. It was originally called The Golden Stairs and was based on the Grimm’s Fairy Tale, Rapunzel, told  from the point of view of the witch. I had done illustrations for Rapunzel while living in London in a rose covered haunted house. At the time I was meeting many people from the Balkans and Turkey and got the idea that, though we think Grimm’s Fairy Tales are German, some may actually be from central Europe as many of them they have that kind of dark quality associated with vampires and werewolves. This notion inspired me  to set  The Golden Stairs in Royal Hungary during the Ottoman Wars. In Grimm’s Rapunzel, the young mother-to-be desires the rampion growing in the witch’s garden. The witch desires the child and uses the mother’s desires against her to take the baby when it is born.  With this in mind, I made my witch the creator of irresistible enchanted gardens full  of magical plants similar to those in Nathaniel Hawthorn’s Rappucini’s Daughter.

The Golden Stairs begins with the childhood of the witch, Marcsa Virag, growing up in a Ghormanghast-like castle in the mountains of northern Hungary where her evil mother figure, the Countess Orzsebet, practices Black Magic in the manner of the famous Blood countess,  Erzebet Bathory. The first half of the book is about Marcsa Virag’s confrontation with the legacy of her mother, the Ottoman Turks sack the castle in the middle of the book, and after that Marcsa Virag lives alone in the ruins building her gardens. That is where the Rapunzel story begins.

The novel grew to over 100,000 words. My editor suggested that I change the title,  cut the book in half and make the two stories into separate books and go on in the manner of a family saga.  She also suggested that I flesh out the background mythology.

Gothic_Art_by_Hotoke_samaHotoke Sama

Writing as Magical Practice

Magic has been defined as the “Art of changing consciousness at will.” When a writer wants to create a fictitious world, he or she taps into the subconscious mind and calls it up from the deep mind. You never really know where the images and ideas come from, and its quiet astonishing that these visions arrive at all when you think about it. There were glimpses of the background myth in the original version, but I hadn’t focused on it but on the outer layer of Marcsa Virag’s story. When I did go deeper into the mythology of my alternate world, I was surprised to find how deep it went and that the story was very close to the actual ancient creation myth of Hungary.This is not the first time intuition and imagination tapped into the truth, but it is a very strong example of how an open, attuned mind can work.

A few people have asked me to share this with them so I thought I would.

In this post, I will give the very start of the creation myth I made up for the novel. in the second blog post, I will re-print an article by Radomir Ristic  about the Central European Dragon people.

Creation Myth of Castle Szeppasszony in The Roses of the Moon

Marcsa Virag has found a book called The Book of the Red Queen and the White Queen. The story of those two Queens hold a key to who she is, and why she has had to endure the things she has. This is the opening of that ancient book found in the library of a monastery carved into the mountain in the time before time began.

Book of the Red Queen and the White Queen

Here is Recorded the Creation of the World

Before Death was Born

In the time before time, Earth gave birth to the Moon. And in the very place where the Moon first entered the darkness of the night sky, a terrible upheaval was wrought in Heaven whose ruler, the Sun, now had a rival.

Fearing that his sole rulership of the stars and planets was to be undermined by this usurper Moon, Sun and the Angels held a great council where they gave birth to War. The Moon must be killed before its wan, silvery rays weakened the cosmos by stealing the light of the Sun.

Some Angels argued that the Moon might offer some benefit to the Sun by keeping watch over the darkness. It would merely reflect the light of the Sun to Earth and relieve the blackness of the night with its much dimmer light. The Angels who did not trust the Moon shouted the others down, saying the Sun’s ancestors, the Stars, gave light to the darkness and nothing more was needed.

Gradually these arguments broke the Angles into opposing camps;, the ones who sided with the one and only Sun, and those who had fallen in love with the Moon.

The new child, War, grasped Heaven in its talons. The Angels who sided with the Moon became rebels and used the light of the Moon to secretly attack the Angels of the Sun. But alas!  The Angels of the Sun called upon their ruler to blast the Moon with a light so bright that the Moon lit up like a beacon and was made to reveal the hiding places of the her Angels. The Angels of the Sun renewed their attack on the Angels of the Moon and cast them out of Heaven. They fell down into the hole in the Earth left open by the birth of the Moon. Sun proclaimed the Angels of the Moon to be Devils, and their new home in the Earth he called Hell.

The Angels of the Moon felt betrayed by she whom they had loved and ever after called her fickle. The Moon wept because of this, all through the nights, watering the earth with her tears. She watched over her champions,  bound by love and desire for redemption.

His sole rulership of the universe besmirched, the Sun fled higher up into the sky, leaving the Moon to oversee the Fallen Ones in the center of the earth. Because of her love and desire, Moon gazed upon the earth and pulled it to her, and in sorrow for her betrayal, she hid her face and pulled away. And because of this, all unwittingly, the Moon gave birth to Time. With the passage of Time, the power of the Moon increased. Her light fluctuated as she observed the affects of her love and tears upon the earth with great emotion. The Angels of the Sun tried constantly to imprison the Moon in the low hills, blackening the night but for the undying Stars.  But soon, the Angels of the Moon released their Mistress from the hills to shine in Heaven once again.

All that lived on the Earth grew strong under the Moon. Her protection in the night gave birth to Sleep. The Moon married Sleep and they gave birth to Dreams, Dreams brought forth things; the tears of the Moon became the waters that gave life to the things of Dreams such as Trees and Flowers, metals and jewels. Out of the Birthplace of the Moon, the great hole in the Earth, there grew the First Tree and it wept.

The Birthplace of the Moon is the darkest place on Earth.

The first upheaval began deep within the earth. Shelves of rock shifted, caves opened, waters gushed forth, and the land was shoved and levered towards the sky forming ridges and deep valleys. A wave of mountains rose and undulated like a serpent finally solidifying in the crescent shape of an old moon. Curled in the topmost horn of that moon was a ring of high mountains. The fallen Angels of Moon climbed out of the womb of the Earth and gathered along the tops of those mountains like thunderclouds and desired to possess the land. The Angels who stayed in the underground built majestic palaces of out of the jewels and precious metals of the Earth and practiced great magic.

Soon, waters sprang up through the ground, filling crannies and gorges and spilling over the land. Two wellheads spurted up into that O of mountains from which two streams ran, one to the east and the other to the west. Many new and wondrous creatures came out of the streams that began to walk upon the land. As the waters of the streams grew deeper and their currents thrummed over the rocks, two identical Queens were deposited on the shore and they were Giants.

A grove of trees grew up the hill away from the streams. Pure white they were and under their leafy branches, the Queens made their dwelling.


To be continued….

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Saturn and the Nature of Consciousness

"You are altogether a human being, Jane? ...
Jane Eyre

“You are altogether a human being, Jane? You are certain of that?”


Saturn and the Nature of Consciousness

Our spiritual growth is dependent on the growth of others. If but one person wakes up, he can pull others up by their roots. — I-Ching

Due to my belated interest in the 2012  scenario, I have only recently paid attention the theorists who predict everything from full planetary destruction, the installation of the dreaded One World Government, and even planetary ascension to a higher vibrational sphere. While the more sensationalistic of these warnings scare me to death, occultist Michael Tsarion holds out the possibility that development of our individual consciousness on a mass level can swing this transformation onto a path of true awakening and with it greater freedom and wisdom.

Michael is an astrologer. If you have read any of my other blog posts you know I often use astrological symbols to look deeper into things such as solstice imagery, folklore, and ritual.

One point Michael Tsarion made has been turning over and over in my mind: The old order of the Age of Pisces was under the rule of Saturn. The new Age of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus in conjunction with Pluto.

The Age of Pisces has been an age of repression. The Age of Aquarius will be a time of mass awakening.

I am an Aquarian with strong Pluto and Saturn aspects. My Capricorn moon is ruled by Saturn—all those rings circling around your emotions means that every time the old bugger moves you feel it. I have suffered a lot with Saturn transits—-as do most people. In conversations with others on this subject, most people will say things like, “Saturn is your teacher.” “We are here to learn.” “We only learn by suffering.” Or even “Earth is prison so you have to do your time because of all your bad karma.”

I never bought any of that.

I prefer the action of Pluto to Saturn. Most people are shocked when I say that because they are scared of Pluto—-God of the Underworld (of the unconscious…). But Pluto is also the God of Wealth who brings transformation. Pluto, the psychologist, brings the soul to light. His action is creative, mythical.

Saturn is a nasty old school teacher who is bitter, hates children and therefore believes corporal punishment is the only way to teach them. The idea that one could learn through beauty, art, nature, etc. doesn’t seem to occur to the old taskmaster. The idea that surrendering to the dark forces of the unconscious—dark only because it is unconscious—is thought by the rigid old blighter to be a descent into chaos—- into the Hell of his unresolved repressions that is.

I beg to differ. The unconscious is a gold mine.

Saturn is Straight out of Charles Dickens or Charlotte Bronte

This is Saturn from Jane Eyre:

Mr. Brocklehurst -  The cruel, hypocritical master of the Lowood School, Mr. Brocklehurst preaches a doctrine of privation, while stealing from the school to support his luxurious lifestyle. After a typhus epidemic sweeps Lowood, Brocklehurst’s shifty and dishonest practices are brought to light and he is publicly discredited.

281px-rubens_saturnSaturn by Peter Paul Rubens — Saturn eating his children

Why did Saturn eat his children? He was afraid they would take away his power.

These Saturnian qualities are so symptomatic of the times we have been living through it can’t be missed.

Things of Beauty Misused

The old father figure, strict and cold of heart, who knows what is good for us, who projects his own inadequacy, unworthiness, and vulnerability onto us and punishes us for it has been the role of church and state for over 2000 years. It wasn’t all bad. Saturn’s rulership over stones has resulted in some of the most magnificent architecture, sculpture, jewels,—Pisces rulership over music, visionary art, storytelling, dance, film have given the world windows into the soul that cannot be surpassed. But like all things of great power and beauty, these sublime gifts were mis-used to seduce the soul into accepting Saturn’s  agenda of control and enslavement to the what astrologer Jeff Green calls “the sado-masochistic axis of Virgo/Pisces”.

I don’t care what Liz Green (author of Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil) says, some of us cannot be taught by Saturn. Punishment is not our learning style. The tragedy is that this Saturnian mindset has made a wreck of our gorgeous planet, combined with Pisces it has used every from of deception, manipulation, imagery and irrational fear verging on hysteria to reduce humanity to be nothing but slaves to our base appetites, degrading us so that those great father figures in their ivory towers—- what Michael calls “Big Daddy”—- can sell us stuff. All the while they look down on us for behaving that way and happily crush us under their all-powerful thumbs  while they hoard all the money (Capricorn) for themselves.

I also recently found out that coal mining in West Virginia has evolved beyond the horrors of strip mining the side of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Mining companies now prefer the expedient of blowing off the entire top the mountain! The mountain will NEVER recover from that. In a forum, one kind soul pointed out that people who live in West Virginia should not be blamed because they have to make a living and are afraid to buck the system. THIS IS THE GRIP OF SATURN IN OLD MONEYBAGS CAPRICORN. Saturn keeps you miserable and afraid so you will continue to tow the line —-and this insight has answered all my deepest questions —–Its hard to accept but the UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE put that tyrant in power in the first place. Saturn is inside of us. The great art of the Age of Pisces that was meant to free us and uplift was co-opted by the dark side and turned to their profit. It is no accident that artists get next to nothing for bringing through great works that middle men got rich from.


What does that mean?

We are finally passing out of the Kali Yuga—-the time in the Hindu calendar of the Aeons of greatest darkness and evil. Kali is meant to be a cleansing force, a Plutonian cycle of Death and Rebirth.   God Creator Intelligence put us through this to refine our desires. It’s as if we have to bottom out before we can transcend. The trouble is that each new generation has to start over, but I don’t think that was the divine plan. Parents are meant to hand down consciousness to their children. This has not been happening.

The time of freedom is at hand. We have to choose how we are going to get out form the tyranny of Saturn.

The door is open. There is that whole bit in the Bible about separating the Sheep from the Goats. Well, then your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t because the goat is Capricorn ruled by Saturn and the sheep are what Big Daddy wants us all to be so he can lead us like Pied Piper to our own destruction.

BUT, the sheep is also the creature of Aries —-the sheep is capable of standing on his hind legs and if you have never been stared down by a sheep you don’t know how aggressive they can be. Uranus will soon be moving into Aries —-the sheep is going to demand its freedom from Saturn.

This is excellent. If people would drop their Saturnian fears and see them for the Pisces illusions they are, than waking up will not be so difficult.

As a Lightbody Integration for Ascension practioner, I know that if 7,000 people wake up, we will be able to “lift the rest up by their roots.” This is a call for all those able to grab that Uranian energy in Aries, and take advantage of that Plutonian transformation taking place in Capricorn to expose and dismantle the current social structure of this world. One World Government under the rule of the Old Men, Big Daddy Warbucks will be defeated because we will throw off them off by our sheer refusal to cooperate.  We have to be awake to their agenda in order to do that. We the sheep, empowered by Uranus, can change the vibration of humanity, and save ourselves and the Mother Earth.

The Gods of Our Time

Saturn, God of Time, castrated his father Uranus and seized his power.

Saturn cast the severed genitals of Uranus into the sea. From the foam  the goddess Venus (Aphodite to the Greeks) was born. (Venus is the Morning Star — an inspiring and beneficial planet of love called Lucifer in ancient times. Lucferian Venus has been degraded by those in power who use sex to stimulate our reptilian brains to excite the base appetites  to enslave us.)

From blood from Uranus’s grievous wound dripped onto the Earth. From the union of the blood of Uranus, and the Earth, the Giants leaped into being.

Pluto, or the Greek, Hades, is the son of Unranus and Rhea, the Earth.

Looks like Saturn is caught between his  resurrected father, his son and Mother Earth.


One more thing: The painting above is a picture of Hades where the god Hades, the Greek equivalent to Pluto, rules over the dead and all the minerals under the Earth.. This is your unconscious mind. This darkness is what certain Saturnian crime bosses and  big shots would love to live in and therefore they want to create this for you by activating the dark side of Pluto.

Pluto rules Scorpio and includes all the power based emotional patterns of that sign. It also takes advantage of other people’s money, underworld secret societies, murder, plots and all of that.

Pluto in Capricorn can thus generate a lethal cocktail for free thinkers everywhere, but it  also gives a clear signal to distrust everything and everyone claiming authority — especially the wolves in sheep’s clothing that they serve up as our saviors.

Our first job should be to clean up our inner world and insist on consciously creating and co-creating the Heaven on Earth we  really want. It is up to us to heal the Wasteland by questioning everything. Uranus in Aries — coming next year — can give us that strength, or deteriorate into violent revolution. It is our choice. I will do my best and I hope you will do yours.

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Creating Sacred Space

Waterhouse, Magic Circle

Waterhouse, Magic Circle

If we wish to travel between the worlds, the first step is to create Sacred Space. Magic is based on pattern making, and one of the primal patterns of magic has to do with the four directions North, East, South, and West.
The first thing we do when we plan to enter the Otherworld is to draw a Circle around ourselves. This is done for protection (to keep undesirable spirits and energies out), and to create a container for our energies so that they do not scatter. Building the Circle helps with focus and defines intention. Dancing around the Circle is a traditional way to raise the Cone of Power by which a magical working is energized and enchantments are cast.

Creating the Magical Circle

The Circle is built in various ways, depending on one’s style. For a Ceremonial Magician, or Wiccan the circumference of the Circle is inscribed in the air with a Sword or Athalme (dagger) respectively. For Faery Witches, who don’t like metals, it is enough to use the index finger to direct a blue flame in a sunwise ring around oneself, and then envision the ring igniting in a circle of blue flames. There are other ‘styles’ of Circle visualization, such as the Druid, Irish Faery, and Medicine Wheel that will be discussed in future articles.

It is wise for beginners to perform Magical Workings at night because it is easier to see spirits in the dark. Because of the ethereal transparency of spiritual beings, sunlight makes them harder to see.  Think of how faint the light of a candle flame is in a sunny window.

Once the Witch has placed herself in the center of her Faery Ring, she can charge each direction by invoking its traditional Correspondences. These are qualities found in Nature, for all Magical People know that Nature is the veil behind which the Magical Powers dwell. By calling forth the Powers of the Directions, the Witch creates a Portal or Doorway into the Unseen.

Upon the doorway in each direction an Invoking Pentagram  is drawn in blue flame. This  five-pointed star is traced in the air starting at the topmost point and working in a clockwise direction. This sign protects and seals the space so that no undesirable entities can interfere with the work.



Watchtower of the East

Standing with her face towards the East and pointing her Magical Weapon, the Witch traces an Invoking Pentagram in the air and calls:
Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, I beseech you to grant me your presence at my Circle tonight. Spirits of the sky and air, send fresh breezes to charge my Circle. Fill them with birdsong, and the rays of the sun, as it moves above the horizon at dawn, to brighten the wild flowers that cover the low hills sparkling with dew. I called the Winged Ones: birds, butterflies, bees; Angels, Sylphs, the Grey-Eyed Beings of Wind and Wildness, the Magical Child with the Morning Star on his brow, The Keepers of the Sacred Sword that rises from the ground in the circle of tall stones. Bring me the gift of refreshment, aspiration, inspiration, rebirth, and the power of eloquent speech. I invoke you, oh Guardians of the Watchtowers of the East to attend my working this night!

Richard Dadd

Richard Dadd, Magical Child

If you take this speech apart, you will see the elements that correspond to the Magical Direction East. Dissected, as with the Sword of Reason, these are:

Elemental Air : breezes, wind, speech, music, the sense or hearing, ideas and thoughts that fly on the air. Even dreams, with their tendency to slip away on waking have a quality of air.Air ranges everywhere. It is difficult to contain. It brings all other Elements together through communication.

Sylphs: Personifications of Air. One could think of them as fairies, ethereal, transparent, young, winged.

Dawn: Birth and rebirth, newness, infancy and early childhood.
As the air goes everywhere and unites all things, so the child wants to explore its new environment.

Spring: wildflowers, birdsong, bees, birds returning from their wintering grounds,

Sword: The sword is like thought. It is bright and keen but can cut, like words, either way. It has a point. It expresses clarity. Once it is thrust for destructive reasons, it inflicts wounds that cannot be taken back. If used consciously, it brings focus, discernment, depth; it cuts to the chase.

The colors  for the East are: yellow, blue-grey, violet, or clear.

Further meditation will reveal more of the brilliance of the correspondences. For instance, the word Inspiration speaks to a function of air which is breath, inhaled, exhaled, inspired.

Watchtower of the South


We turn facing South, raising the Wand, and call out:

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, I beseech you to grant me your presence at my Circle tonight.  Spirits of fire, ignite my working with your brilliant Light, spark my Magic with your flames of strong desire, illuminate my powers of vision so that I might see into your Sacred Realm.  Salamanders, dance with me in the rose garden of summer under the bright sun. Fill me with strong sexual energy so that I might make my magic come alive. Grant me the strength of my bloodline, the heroism of my ancestry in the prime of their youth. Roses, thorns, fire, and blood, great cats, snakes, lizards, those with claws, those that adore the hot sun, enter my circle tonight. Keeper of the Bright Staff, the Sacred Lance, grant me the gifts of Clairvoyance, creativity, youth, energy, and love.
Charge me with Right Action so that my Magic may come to pass.
This is the meaning of the Sun at Midnight. Oh Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, appear! Motivate and empower my working tonight.

The Correspondences for the South may now be seen to include:
Elemental Fire and heat
The sense of Sight
Roses, summer flowers
Green trees and grass
The Sacred Staff
Sexuality and Romance
Blood and bloodlines
Clawed animals and cold blooded reptiles that love the sun
Action, energy
Its colors are red, orange, white, or green

See how it works?

Watchtower of the West

Grail Maiden

Grail Maiden

We move on to the West and raising the cup, call out:
Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, I beseech you to grant me your presence at my Circle tonight. Spirits of the oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and rain, wash into my Circle tonight with your cleansing power. In the gathering twilight, as the sun sinks below the sea, the dying light reflects in the red-gold leaves of the trees. Undines, sing your siren songs from the rocks as the waves crash around you. The cauldron of the ocean bubbles with froth and phosphorescence. The Goddess of Love and Healing walks upon the tide with the evening star on her brow and the horns of the rising moon at her back. Come quietly along the path strewn with fallen leaves, sit around the Sacred Well and gaze into the waters of memory, for the Path that has been trodden is longer than that which comes before.
Swan, Pelican, heron, sea tortoise, dolphin, whale, all those who live between earth and sea and sky, enter my Circle with your shape shifting powers of transition and transformation. Fill me with the longing of poets, make me one with the rhythms of the tides of nature, give me the taste of salt and the smell of decay among the roses and the trees, so that I may know the fleetingness of life. Send me away on a ship with a purple sail to Avalon, where the deeper Mysteries are found. Come, Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, and charge my Circle with Enchantment.

Sirens, Burne-Jones

Sirens, Burne-Jones

Again, the Correspondences for the West and Spiritual Water are:
Elemental water and tides
This resonates with the Moon as Mistress of the Sea and Tides
Undines, sirens, mermaids
Sunset, twilight
Cauldron of Death and Rebirth, Holy Grail
Sea creatures and water birds, amphibians
Ships and boats
Poetry, dreams, imagination, memory
Middle Age, experience, reflection, nostalgia
Shape Shifting, transformation, transition
Healing, cleansing, letting go
Senses of taste and smell
Colors: blue, aqua, silver, rose pink, gold

Watchtower of the North

Now we come to the North, direction of Magic, Mystery, and Manifestation.
Raise your Pentacle, dish or mirror and call out:

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, I beseech you to grant me your presence at my Circle tonight. As the snow falls upon the forest,  the North wind howls down form the mountains,  and the Road of Stars stretches across the moonless sky, bring me your Divine presence tonight. The lake has frozen so that it shines like a mirror and in that mirror we gaze and see our death.  In the darkness we hear the cry of the wolf, the bear sleeps and dreams in his cave, the white stag runs through the dark forest to harvest the souls of the Wyze. Welcome, gnomes and dwarves! Teach me the ways of the Underworld, lead me to the Underground Halls of Faery so that I might dance the cold winter away.  Show me where to find treasure that will last in the Upper World as my wishes are intensified and shaped into matter.
The Goddess of Death comes out from behind the tall stones. Carrying a mirror incised with a pentagram, she points the way down the winding path that goes beside the White Trees, and leads into the Labyrinth. There the long Dance of Death begins, the dark banquet among the ancestors. We sleep, we dream, we rest beside the flickering fire, we tell the tales of old, and turn about to gestate another life. Come Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, enter my Circle with your power to shape unseen forces into tangible forms. Let me feel the cold, the wind, the mountain, the tree, the softness of white fur, the solidity of my body in time and space. Empower manifestation now!

Correspondences for the North:
Dark Moon
Horned and Hoofed animals, white animals, animals that hibernate
Goddess. of Death and Rebirth
The Mirror
Ice and Fire
Forest, mountain, rocks, caves, crystals
Sense of touch
Gravity, solidity. differentiation
Gnomes and Dwarves
Hidden treasure

Learning to Invoke the Spirits of the Directions

These invocations are but a guide; it is not necessary to memorize them. Rather, once the Correspondences are learned by heart, and their imagery internalized, you will be able to make your invocations up as you go along.

Once the Four Directions are invoked, your Circle is protected and charged.


There are three more directions to consider. Whereas the Four Directions create a horizontal space, flat in the Earth, the addition of the Center, Above and Below establishes a sphere.
With these Seven Directions around you, anchoring you in space and timelessness, you will already have shifted your consciousness into the Magical Realms.

The remaining Three Directions will be the subject of the next article on Magical Pattern Making.

Fairies Circle

Fairies Circle

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