The Babalon Diaries: First Stirring: Enochian Tarot

Crowley’s Babalon: Number 159, The Whore of Babylon

Mistress of Abominations

This is the first in a series of posts about my adventures during 2005, leading up to the performance of Paul Green’s play Babalon. The story is full of cloak and dagger, initiatory strangeness, chaos, and hysteria. It shows what can happen on the Magical path if one is not careful….( as if one has choice…)

Directed by Alison Rockbrand, Babalon was performed on December 16, 2005 at the John Gielgud Theatre at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts to a sold out audience of London’s finest occultists and magicians. If you want to listen to it, click Radio QBSaul: Archives, parts 1&2. I play Marjorie Cameron/Babalon. I had to be called Angel Murrow to disguise my identity.

Toth Tarot: Stregnth, Babalon

Toth Tarot: Stregnth, Babalon

When I began my Magical Path, I was not drawn to Aleister Crowley. Naturally in the course of my studies, I came across his work. I respected his knowledge, but didn’t like him. I had worked with his Toth Tarot and not found it to my liking, even though I admired the art work of Lady Frieda Harris. While living in Seattle, I didn’t notice her, but the essence of Babalon was there all along just waiting for the right time to surface.

My move to London in 1998 was the catalyst for a major transformation. I was destined to  be pulled into the cycle of darkness, to have my head forced under the water of my deepest unconscious mind. The images that crossed my path were no longer the Green Ray Faery Magic that had been natural to me for half my life, but rather those of the Red Ray of Ceremonial Magic, Sorcery, and by extension, Thelema — the school of Aleister Crowley.

John Dee and Edward Kelly

Dr. Dee

Dr. Dee

The first sign on the road I didn’t know I was taking, grew from my interest in Dr. John Dee. This Elizabethan Magus had always been a favorite of mine since I discovered him many years before in my studies of Elizabethan theater, culture, and magic. John Dee, and his accomplice seer, Edward Kelly, were engaged in contacting the Angels through the medium of the shew stone, an obsidian mirror polished like glass.

The Angels spoke a  strange, Magical language that Dee called Enochian. The system  of Magic he created around these transmissions is very complex, and in my effort to understand it, I acquired the Enochian Tarot created by Gerald and Betty Schuler and Sallie Ann Glassman. These cards are very beautiful, but I was struck most forcibly by two images. Trump #2: Arn: Babalon, and Trump #9: Zip:The Daughter of Babalon.

2: Arn: Babalon

2: Arn: Babalon

9: Zip: The Daughter of Babalon

9: Zip: The Daughter of Babalon

(Sorry about these photos. Someday I will get a proper camera or a scanner so they will look right.)
My fore-shadowing of my Initiation into the Mysteries of  Babalon would take another form before I was properly under Her influence. That was my obsession with the Roman Polanski film, Ninth Gate.



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