What is a Faery Witch?

Galadriel in Lord of the Rings is a typical Faery Witch. The swan is a common totem for us as well. Here Galadriel is like the Lady of the Lake in the Arthurian Mythos.

Characteristics of the Fledgling Faery Witch

*A Faery witch is one who has a special affinity to the Faeries, especially those who are the spectres of the ancestors and the Old Gods.

*Unlike Witches initiated into Wiccan traditions such as the Gardnerian and Alexandrian paths, the Faery Witch is one whose talent comes from deep communion with nature alone. There is no necessity to connect to a line of initiates to become a channel for power. The connection is through the Fay who work through the land and the imagination.

*I believe the Faery Witch is one who has traveled between the Faery and Mortal realms for many lifetimes. Therefore, she or he has a natural ability to ‘see’ spirits in the wilds, is drawn trees, rocks, hills, the turning of the seasons, the moon, and the waters. One such as this will have an innate desire to return ‘home’ in dreams and waking reveries, and maybe even to try to bridge the worlds so that the Faeries can access the Mortal Plane.

Do you want to train your Second Sight?

*Wiccans use many branches of Magic to forge their consciousness and work their enchantments. They often begin with woodland pantheons and expand into other occult traditions and ceremonial magic . As I am not initiated into the Wiccan traditions, I cannot say more. The Faery Witch more often defaults back into communing with the Fay.

*The Faery Witch may be content to walk across the land with intent and heightened consciousness to feel the workings of magic. The relationship between the Witch and the Fay is the magic.

* Animals trust Faery Witches and will communicate with us telepathically.

*Faery Witches are usually drawn to the Arthurian and Holy Grail Mythos. This is because one of main branches of Faery, the Tuathaa de Danaan are Grail Keepers. Many of the stories and myths that came to comprise Arthurian Romance were drawn from the visions of Faery Seers, or Bardic Poets.

*Faery Witches often have poetic talents. Visionary language comes naturally to them.

* Faery Witches do not like iron! Therefore swords are not part of our Magical Regalia.

* Young Faery Witches love Faeries. They also understand what Faeries are at deeper levels than those who may like Faeries but are not Faery Witches.

*Faery Witches are not afraid of disturbing psychic images and undercurrents. We are drawn to the mystery.

Faery Glamour

I like to think that Faery Witches have a special glamor of beauty and youth, a quality of stillness and mystery.

*This comes from reading Grimm’s Fairy tales about beautiful Enchantresses and Princesses, the ethereal Faery Queens of Arthurian Romance, legends and folk lore. We must never let ourselves go, or the glamor will be lost. Once the glamor is lost, our power can go with it. For what is glamor but the creation and maintenance of our Magical Self?

* Even as she ages, the Faery Witch exudes the quality of beauty, sexuality, and charm.

* Sometimes alliance with the Faery can take over one’s life. This may cause isolation and loneliness as most others are put off for some reason.It is difficult to inhabit many worlds at the same time.

*We must always guard against psychic attack, for we seem fragile even when we are very strong. This quality disrupts the assumptions of those who would overpower us, inciting their drive to engage in battle.

*The ability of the Faery Witch to see  and communicate with the Unseen endows him or her with the ability to heal others. Alliances with the Fay increase the effectiveness of Faery Healing.

Can Faery Witchcraft be Learned?

Joanne Sanow

Joanne Sanow

Do you want to be a Faery Witch, but are not sure if you are right for it?

* Faery Witchcraft can be taught much as painting, music, poetry, dance, or any art can be taught. There are techniques that can be learned. But also, as with any art, talent will dictate success. We do what we are good at. Anyone can use the techniques I teach and benefit form them considerably. The true Faery Witches will exceed expectations.

Can studying Faery Witchcraft cause any harm?

*No. The mind will absorb the lessons in its own measure. Even if one does not develope psychic powers, exposure to the Faery Realm inspires the heart and is a well of creativity that anyone can drawn upon. You can be as you were meant to be and still wear the Glamor of a Faery Witch.

*Psychic Protection is part of the training. Harmless Psychic Self Defense is valuable to everyone.

How old do you have to be to become a Faery Witch?

Old enough to read and carry out exercises. Young people are much closer to Faery than jaded, stressed out adults. Early tuition in Faery Magic can help one cope with life as one ages with a constant sense of curiosity and wonder. There are endless subjects to explore. For this reason, the Faeryland is called the Summer Land, or Land of Eternal Youth.

This course no longer exists. Sorry!I may tunr it into some blog posts–that should do it!



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