Can Faery Witchcraft Keep You Young?

Witchcraft: A True Anti-Aging Formula!


There was a time when any woman who looked much younger than her years was suspected of witchcraft, and of trafficking with the Faeries.

It should also come as not surprise that in times past when the average life span was 27-40 years old that anyone who had attained to great old age would be suspected of having contracted with the Devil.

I was talking with a friend yesterday about why we mature witches are much more youthful than many people who are far younger than us. She had noticed a trend that pagans and witches and magical people on the Facebook and Twitter are so much more alive than those who are not. We have more fun and seem so much more creative and youthful than our counterparts who allow themselves to be limited by the mundane reality.

One thing led to another as we discussed that many of the posts on this blog reminded her of childhood connections she had lost track of. Other readers have said the same thing to me. I realized that I discuss my own childhood a lot, sometimes in a nostalgic way, and sometimes to give the continuing story behind my choice to live a Magical Life.

An Ongoing Sense of Wonder

I know for me that my most closely guarded treasure has been my sense of wonder. As an artist, my inner life, the availability of all of my senses, and the openness of my mind and imagination are sacrosanct.  I have held onto these in the face of tremendous resistance by the society, have lost jobs, relationships, and have jeopardized my security to hold onto a mindset that is necessary to keep my creative fires burning, to maintain interest an curiosity about life so I do not stop learning, and help me cope with a World I often find overwhelming and threatening.

If things get to be too much, I go into nature, to my power spots, to recharge and to find solace in the beauty that surrounds me.  The trees and flowers and sky, the birds and small creatures that live in the trees,  aren’t trying to compete with me by going faster and faster, They don’t bombard me with stuff, but endure and move in with the rhythms of timelessness. Nature allows me a glimpse of forces greater than frantic human society. The magic, in particular Faery Magic, lives in the natural world. Even the seemingly cruel, predatory aspect of nature exists within currents and inner contracts between creatures that are in harmony with the “Gods”.

My friend feels the same way so the discussion deepened.

We began to uncover a secret link: Those of us who pursue the  path of magic, belief in the supernatural or paranormal,  love of poetry and the arts, divination systems, fairy tales, myths, folklore, who are Romanticists at heart, are usually perceived by mainstream as childish and even ridiculous. BUT it is that very link with the child within that gives us the reserves of youth to draw on. We did not split off from our inner child in order to become adults –we kept the continuity going and include the amazing freshness, immediacy, and openness to change and experience of the child. Our childhood is like battery that we continue to draw upon because we never severed our ties to it in order to be cool or conform to the opinions of those who consider themselves in possession of all the “right” answers to life.


I personally think the, especially in America, if your sole interest in life isn’t  making tons of money and buying expensive toys that you are seen as a failure in life as a whole. But many of the people who buy into this level of materialism get old before their time. They may have the money to buy fancy anti-aging surgeries, treatments, and potions, but these only  look convincing on people who also open to the life forces that linking back to childhood passions and dreams provides.

Perhaps the reason is, when we reach the age of 27 or so,  many people feel they should have arrived. Since for our generations, so many movies stars and musicians have died at the age of 27, we think it might be over for us too. Maybe the vibrations of the coming attractions of the Saturn Return are being felt, and Saturn make you feel old. I think this particular Rite of Passage — the Saturn Return that takes place between the ages of 28-30 — is a make or break time for all of us. I have noticed that if people don’t get it together in that window of time, they often go floundering for the until the next Saturn Return.

During this time a common adjustment is: I’m old now and have to knuckle down and play the game. I hate to put it this way, but I hear men say this the most. On comes the suit and tie and out goes all the flair and personality of youth, disposed of to conform to the standards of the corporate world where they believe they will find security, wealth, and position. There are women like this to, so I’m not being general, I just observe it this way.

Those graced with the energy to lead in the the mundane world, may not be witches, or magicians, but I’ll bet they are still connected to the child within and are carrying forth a passion that is very close to their soul’s purpose. And often these people use their gifts to help others.

So what am I saying here?

Being in touch with the child within is part of the equation if you want to stay young. Being spiritual, magical, creative, and able to laugh, a sense of irony about life, the ability to take lemons and make lemonade are also a big part of the equation.

As a lifetime meditator and energy healer, I have basked in prana, bathed in the light of spirit, circulated divine light, hooked up to the star grids, forcibly removed blocks, changed my DNA and cleared my meridians and layers of my aura over and over again. Call it practicing spiritual hygiene.

Entering and leaving Faery is totally rejuvenating, because keeping the soul alive and connected is one of the keys to immortality. Entering Faery gives you endless places to explore, curiosity ignited excites a thirst for knowledge. Excitement about going beyond the known keeps you young because your mind and imagination are engaged and that part of us never grows old. The need to explore more and more, and to share those explorations, helps one  envision a very long life ahead. On some level, agelessness is occurring even when the body weakens. You can feel it, sense it. Once you have left your body to fly, you know you are so much more.

What is a child but someone for whom everything is new and mysterious and full of wonder? Stay in touch with that and you will not grow old except in experience and wisdom — the gifts of the true elder.

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