The Celestial UnderWorld

Final Frontier by George Grie

Final Frontier by George Grie

When the our ancestors thought the world was flat, the celestial realms were called ‘Heaven above’, and whatever was underground was ‘Hell below’. Heaven was a sparkling place full of light, visible,  showed the patterns of the seasons, weather, and time events that the ancients depended upon  for survival. Being ‘above’, the Heavens were thought to be superior. Because water sprang up from under the earth, and such creatures as serpents lived down there, in the dark, in the unseen, and because the ground was ‘below’, it was thought of as secret, dark, unknowable, threatening, and ‘inferior.’
Traditionally the Realm of Faery has been thought of as the Realm of the Dead, being underground where the ‘dead’ are buried. But it is more than that — it is Realm of the Ancestors who, being ‘dead’ actually live in a dimension parallel to our own, and invisible to most of us.
Now we know for certain that the Earth is not a platter floating between Heaven and Hell, but a celestial body, a star among stars. For the Faery Seer, one who three-hundred years ago would have suffered under accusations of witchcraft, an image  of the Earth, like that posted here, shows that there is no above or below, no Paradisal/Infernal opposed to each other, but a rotating orb wrapped in a sea of stars.
In the UnderWorld shine the Sun, Moon, and Stars, though not the ones that we see, that emit a light of their own…

Just a thought…

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