At Long Last!

I couldn’t get into this blog for so long that I;m surprised it still exists!

So much has happened in the last 18 months that I got way behind in all my creative projects and some things languished sadly and forlorn….

This was my first blog and when I wrote it, I had so many readers but I had no idea what it meant or the value of what I had here. I focused on writing novels and still do. It seems when I finally get good at something, it gets derailed…I’m trying really hard not to let that happen again.

Also, I want out of the dark stuff. Its like a time in life that was really painful and transforming has come to an end. So I re-titled this blog,  but now I’ve made peace with that time.  I want to give time to it again, to finish the Ogham trees and do something more with this blog because people do come here and like to comment. That happened around the time I had moved on….

So! New look and some new ideas shall come. I admit I have been dismayed at the darkening of the magic. Too much Satanism. I hate Satanism. Just  saying. I love nature and the Creation and God. I enjoy the gods as well and no, I do not think all faeries are demons, but they have been demonized. And this is a deep topic for another day.

The earth is multi-layered universe all by itself. Good and evil are our creations. Beauty and grace are entirely possible to be the dominant qualities on earth. The dark  should just be spice. That’s how I see it. Just enough for drama and something going on.

I had to take down the faery video page because Youtube  disabled the video. That’s too bad. I hate when they do that.

We are entering a lot of new cycles. So I wish everyone life, love, grace and creative power.

Spring: Benjamin Scalvenzi

Spring: Benjamin Scalvenzi


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