Where Have I Been?

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When I started this blog, I wasn’t writing fiction like a lunatic as I am now. I didn’t have my Grail Keeper’s Tarot coming out.

It is scheduled for December 2012 in book form. Like an art book.



My real love is storytelling, making stuff up and writing about magic and my experiences with it in fictional form. When I was asked to write a memoir, I tried, but decided to, in the end, to decline. there were lots of reasons, but one of the big ones was that I wanted to save my most supernatural experiences for my fiction. Didn’t want to use them up in one book.

Over the summer, I wrote lots of short stories and all of them found publishers. I even got paid. I wrote two screenplays and continued to edit and revise two novels, The Roses of the Moon and Rosewolf. I have excerpted both of them on my other Gothic Faery Tales. Thus has blogging languished.

Plus I have to work the day job.

I have also gone through changes. It would take many blog posts to describe these changes. Some of my new thoughts and insights would be very controversial in this niche. I consider shutting down the blog and re-publishing the posts in books form, making them more complete and available on e-reader formats.

I do have an Amazon Kindle page and three stories uploaded on there.

Go to Kindle, scroll down to Books and type in my name: Alyne de Winter.

All are priced at 99 cents.

At this point I have : Roses, Briars and Blood: A Gothic Re-telling of Grimms’ Briar Rose

Reflection of Beauty: Inspired by Beauty and the Beast and the film La Belle et la Bette by Jean Cocteauand a contemporary Paranormal Romance: Portrait of a Vampire.

There will be more. I’d love if you would go there and read them and write some great reviews! I do work hard. I would love to know if those stories are as enjoyable for you as the blog has been.


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7 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Hi,
    I’m happy you are still writing. You have big talent, and it’s wonderful you are moving beyond just blogging. However, don’t abandon your blog! Your blog can be a good tool to promote your work in the future. Save your best material for your published work, and use your existing blog to promote this work. That really is the point of a blog, to promote your work.
    David´s last blog post ..Confessions of a Christian Heretic

  2. Thanks David,
    I have a new blog that is focused more on my fiction. It takes so much time to write that and promote it that I can’t keep up and have to pare down. I’ll keep this blog up and may write to occasionally. My mind just isn’t on writing essay just now.
    My new blog is http://www.alynedewinter.com if you want to check it out.

  3. Your writing and your blog are so enlightening and engaging. Thank you for sharing such personal experiences and wisdom. I appreciate what you touched on especially about mediumship not being the same as Seership – I hope you discuss this further in the future!

  4. Just reading the titles makes me wonder what is the flow of your stories. I will check them out sometime. I am especially intrigued by A Portrait of a Vampire. :) Good job!
    May´s last blog post ..Car Accident Lawyer

  5. Hi,
    My fiction is gothic, dark. I love folklore and mystery religions and the traditional gothic tropes of haunted houses, cemeteries, ritual, moonlight dark forests.
    I would love your opinion of Portrait of a Vampire.

  6. Hi May! You’re the first person who has mentioned my fiction. Did you ever read Portrait of a Vampire? I will gift one to you if you will review it for me.
    Unfortunately I have neglected this blog because writing fiction is so tie consuming.

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