Numerologist Tania Gabrielle and Number 11

This is too spooky!

As you know I did a little rant in my last post about the Astrological and Numerological energies influencing the planet at this very moment. The next day, I found this video by Tania Gabrielle. She’s really good, and has many more videos on Youtube.

Tania talks about this sea change we are experiencing in terms of numerology. I used my knowledge of numbers via Tarot and Astrology to arrive at the same conclusions.

This is very relevant stuff just now. I hope you can give some time to it.
Hello my name is Tania Gabrielle, Celebrity Numerologist and Author. Welcome to my channel and thanks so much for stopping by!

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8 thoughts on “Numerologist Tania Gabrielle and Number 11

  1. hi
    my birth number is 11 and in my natal chart it is written teacher all over the place.when i do certain things i can feel the gates or the eleven in me, when something wnats to go through and it gets emprisonned in one of the towers from some time. light and darkness is an eleven and a gate too, just as saying i am for this and i am against that is an eleven.eleven gives elevate through enlightenment. i don t believe in teaching especially in the word cause it s T and the T is a lid on the gates, guidance is better but it just rebounds against the towers.but enlightenment is the one cause it is guidance and teaching at the same time and it ethereal straight and shaped like an I or “EYE”. i feel very bad with dates cause i don t believe in them unless you re in group where everybody works the same the beginning you re in a nothing so you create dates that create a way to evolve. obviously a date is like a bar to a prison and it is also the tool that permits to go out which is an to pass the gate you have to actually forget or validate it after winter for example which is another 11.i understand that certain people work with dates, but then what about the people that have a different calendar for those maybe we re not in 2009. does it work for i understand taht dates are just something created to manifest a certain energy.i find dates very restrictive as i feel tat when 2009 is gone, the chance is no more, just as it s 2009 so it s ok it s gonna work is the same which is another 11.i like house numbers for example and mine is 43 which is another 11.7 too is an eleven. i can walk in any street i want my head will always turn at the house 66, unpurposefully.i think the dates the most important are the ones you got inside meaning when your time comes.and at that time it can be 2009 for some or 2012 for i understand that there is an influence of planets and all that and that planets made human create dates probably, but it s like reading the horoscope and what is written is going to happen to all the people of that sign. if everyone was in harmony maybe, but lots of people like me are themselves imprisonned in towers, and every tower can hide a number of sub towers not saying i don tlike numerology or i am not trying to go against this post, if i did it wsn tmy intention, i am just passing through the gate, to me i could have passed the gate before, 2009 has not much to do with it as i don tfeel attracted by gates. probably everyone has his own values, i guess.the only thing i believe in is in the length of my own seasons, which are different for everyone, and so obviosky have an impact on the general seasons everyone goes through with the just as not everybody is in autumn on the surface odf the planet not everybody is in 2009 and some were in 2009 in 2007 or will be in 2009 in2012 cause they ve focused on it or because their loveis like that.i feel frustrated that a date guides my life nor do i feel like having power over a date which is another eleven.the fact that you did a post the other day on it and that you now post tania gabrelle s video is another eleven for me.11 is the 2 pillars of the tree of life,a 2 and a 5 =7, 7 is an eleventhat tries to pass the gates, you pass the gates holding your grail in your hands.eleven means elevating the vibration, treading the higher ground, climbing up the mountain.everybody is confronted to many elevens during their day, regardless of the common date but but in tough with the fact that it is their 2009 at te moment when it happens.i don treally know myself what to think of being a teacher cause i find it really boring in certain dimensions. depending on when tis knowledge comes from from people being teachers cause they are an eleven,and just as planets move and constellations and seasons shift, what was a teacher before is probably not the same teacher today.i think a teacher doesn t really teach anything he is just himsef lives his life and by that elevates peoples vibration. it is between a direct and indirect interaction, and i think that the T blocks the energy and makes everything go goes from one tower to the other without finding the middle. so again i guess teacher is not the definition i the dictionnary just as 2009 is not the definitoin of a number on a calendar. i guess it s like a firestarter, but nobody i think is going to be saved by is just a connexion that can be replicated in a number of other things.according to each one s love i guess.i liked what tania sayed about the fact thatif you resist the enegy you become irritable, and i agree, but it also transform into spiritual sicknesses in the long term, to manifest into sicknesses of the body.obviously i am writing this comment from my northern tower.

  2. in the end i think the date gives you just a point of focus, but icould be anything you want as long as it englobes just as a date is encompassing, but it doesn t mean that people shoud be gutted cause they didn t make it in that year and that they woukd have to wait for another eleven.

  3. then i guess i have just been talking about my own 11 experience and development and i understand it is not the same for makes me think of the voodoo doll which is like acupuncture

  4. most food is still good after that.the only thing ican maybe say is that maybe my reaction makes me pass throughgates or not who knows, and everybody has his own playground so not everybody is linked or drawn here.dates are really the sides of the sword which is another eleven

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