What is in a Name?

What is in a Name?

The occult world is one of conscious transformation, and I doubt there is a practicing Magician or Witch who has not marked a change in themselves: an initiation, a spiritual alliance with a tradition or deity, a Rite of Passage, a new path, etc. with a new name.

I have had a few different names over the years. In the 1960’s through the 1970’s, and up in to the early 1980’s it was common on the West Coast of the States, where people come to re-invent themselves, to take on different names. Some people, after surviving a crisis, may have a desire to present a new or renewed self to the world, others to resonate with a certain numerological vibration. Many have felt that their birth names were wrong or had been outgrown; some birth names have been perceived as unlucky, weird, or ugly, prompting a change to bring better vibrations into one’s life.

I once heard a story about a woman in Malaysia who was named after one of the immortal Love Goddesses of myth. She had so many men after her that, rather enjoying her popularity, she was bombarded with so much unwanted attention, that her life became unbearable, and even dangerous at times. After she was raped, she decide to change her name. After a few months, the attentions tapered off until some time after, she was able to find the partner she wanted  and got married. This was a shy man who never have pestered when she was carrying the vibration of Love Goddess.


From Gustafson to Garbo

In America, the tendency to change names has been inherited from the Native people, well known for their poetic, symbolic, and flexible  use of names to mark major transitions in life. Even in the big three religions, like the Catholic church, those who enter the clergy take the names of particular Saints to align themselves with the Saint’s vibration. Of course Wiccans have all manner of exotic names, and Ceremonial Magicians, like those in the Golden Dawn, use Latin phrases for names. Of course show people, movie stars and the like, have very famously changed their names from frumpy to glamorous for ages. Some stars have credited their success with the transformation of their looks and  personalities altered to reflect the image stirred up by the sound of their evocative professional names.

The Power of Birth Names

As a clairvoyant who has done psychic readings for thousands people over the last twenty years, I have learned a lot about what names can do. I have found that the name that we are given at birth is a key to the soul.

Every person who comes to me, or any psychic, for a reading, starts out as a perfect stranger. If they have a Tarot Reading, the layout of the cards will provide clues to the inner life of the client. As the reading progresses, deepening trust and emotional involvement create an energetic link that spills over onto the cards releasing more deep images from the client’s psyche that can be interpreted beyond the traditional meanings of the cards.  Other than that, I have no need for any practical information about the client to do an accurate and effective reading.

Almost always a client will want to know about a relationship with someone who is not there. If the connection between the client and that person is very close or strong, I can often pick them up the minute the client sits down. But if it is a more tenuous, conflicted, or confusing connection, the quickest way for me to link up with this third party is with the name they were given at birth, preferably the whole name, and their date of birth. The birth date mainly provides a wee bit of astrological information that can be valuable in understanding certain dynamics in a relationship, but the birth name holds the energetic pattern of the soul.

We Are Born With Our Names

There is Qabbalistic tradition  of names that I learned when I was studying Lightbody Activation in 2002. It is that we have our names before we are born, and our souls may even gravitate to our parents because of the vibration of their names. In my case, my mother was planning to name me Susan, but my father said, when he saw me for the first time, I told him my name was Arlene. It took another ten years for my mother to have my sister and name her Susan.

This pre-natal naming has a numerological basis, as many Qabbalistic things do, and it is said that by isolating the number values of a birth name, one’s complete life history, including the future, can be traced in the Bible. Sounds like a big job, but apparently it can be done.

In this system, it is taught that if you find that your birth name doesn’t feel right, if you have outgrown it, then it is a good idea to upgrade it with something close to the original. The name change will then resonate with your soul’s higher vibration, helping you align with your new spiritual purpose, and also pull your former vibration up with it.

Names as Psychic Protection

Occultists are well familiar with the perils of psychic attack. If the birth name is the key to soul that can allow a clairvoyant medium access a unknown person’s inner life from a long distance, it can also allow the lazer beams of a direct occult attack into the deep layers of the victim’s energy bodies to play all sorts of havoc in there. This is one reason that Magical practitioners, and those who associate with them,  keep their birth names well under wraps. You only have consult the medieval Demonologies to find that one way for the Magician to get power over a spirit is to know its True Name. In the classic ghost story, The Turn of the Screw, the haunted boy has only to call the ghost by his real name to exorcise him from the house. That he dies in the process shows how powerful the links with names can be. To exorcize any spirit requires its name and folklore of tricks about how these names can names can be found. Rumplestiltskin is a good example of this.

My Name is So Weird!

Some weird names are highly prized by their families. Some are ethnic names that mean strange things in English, but are fine in the native language. Some names seem like the parents were playing a joke on the poor kid. Some are just bad vibes. Women change their surnames as many times as they get married. For women name changes are part of our culture. These days, I would make sure of the numerology before I changed my name especially if it is because of marriage. I know of one couple in which the man took on the wife’s surname because it had more prestige. Why not?

The name we use every day, if we use it long enough, will begin to gather a force o its own around us and can be a key to the current layer of consciousness in the soul where it works much like a progressed horoscope. But like the natal horoscope, the birth name holds the core vibration. It is up to you whether to use it, change it, hide, it upgrade it, or whatever. Any name you choose will suit you on some level, and for a certain time in your life.

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8 thoughts on “What is in a Name?

  1. Aline
    What do you think of my adopted name?About ten years ago
    on board a train, some students from a posh girl’s school
    got in my empty carriage and referred to me as ‘omo’
    because i was On My Own. As i tend not to have friends can you tell me if it is appropriate?

  2. But Ian, I think if you call yourself that it will be a self fulfilling prophecy. Like an affirmation. I would come up with a name that is more about what you want in life — to vibrate with that. Unless of course you like being on your own which I don’t think you do…

  3. The only person who most likely calls you by your full birth name is your mother, when she is angry with you, LOL!

    I’ll admit it here – but nowhere else – that Marlowe Aster is not my birth name, but one I chose kabalistically to agree with my birthdate vibes.

    But I agree with what you write about. We were European migrants to an English speaking country, and I kept being called the English version of my birth name, which was just so bland and plain. No attempts at correcting pronunciation were successful, so for a while, I guess I resigned to being bland (gasp!). And my surname was forever being mis-spelled to align with the accepted English versions. So I often felt “protected”.

    Warmest wishes, Marlowe

  4. Cool, Marlow,
    My last name is sooo simple but nobody can spell it or pronounce it.
    Aster means Star doesn’t it?
    I think our vibrations change as we mature, so our name just feels like it needs to change sometimes.

  5. Yes, Aster means star, and is another version of Ishtar (I love finding all the nuances of the new name I’ve chosen). I think as our vibrations change, we need to be willing to claim our new name, and not just feel fated to live the life we were cast in, that everyone else would have us live.

    I learned this from my Jewish husband, who took on a new name after his second divorce. He said “new name, new life”. I can’t really understand people who put up with a name they either hate or embarrasses them. I mean, take control!

    Hugs, Marlowe

  6. hi, longtime all worlds confounded,
    i agree and believe in the same things, i believe that your name attracts you into your body before you re born and that it corresponds to a certain vibration you carry with you. i also believe that your name gives you a certain body shape like water poured in a recipient.i don t specifically like my name cause it feels cold as metal, i think the x bothers me a lot. i have changed my name a few times but i don t really bother cause i spend a long time alone.so for me i don t really ahve a name.also i feel the name can be like luggage you carry from one life to another and that it is like a deformation of the original name, like a root name.one thing that bothrs me the most is when you meet someone when you are asked your name, i don treally give it out willingly. i do believe in the turn of the screw thing, but i also believe that the so called demons names are not real so it is like something that i feel is not too hard to undo if i was one.nevertheless with the years i grew tired asking for peoples names cause i always got a name coming up in my head that for me correspond to them, and that is how i called them. it sometimes is the name of an object or what i prefer the most a vibration that doesn t exist as a name or something set, as names are just set in stones vibrations. sometimes it can be the name of an object so i don treally choose.it happened to me once that i couldnt put a name on a person so asked but i couldn t pronounce or felt bad saying it. i was really forcing it upon myself,.and i felt this person had no name for me, or maybe a name that goes beyond my own world, so it is a name i can tunderstand. butyou can feel a kind of unisiness at not eing able to grasp it, showing at the same time to yourself that your intentuons are maybe not of the best order.some people call me but don treally do it so i feel alright, but some pronounce my name and it feels a whole things being set off like you can t resist a CERTAIN CALLING. SOME PEOPLE I GIVE NAMES AND IT APPEALS OR MAKES MANIFEST A CERTAIN PART OF THEIR PERSONALITY, FOR GOOD OR FOR WORSE DEPENDING WHAT YOUR INTENTIONS ARE, YOU CAN INVOKE A NAME I GUESS AND DESTROY THE WHOLE VIBRATION OF IT BECAUSE IT IS SOMETHING THAT BLOCKS THE OTHER PERSON FOR EXAMPLE.IT ALSO GIVES THE PERSON A WHOLE NEW PERSONALITY.IT ALSO WORKS WITH NOUNS, EVERY NOUN SETS A LIMIT AND SOMETIMES THIS LIMIT IS A PRISON COMPARED TO WHAT YOU CAN REALLY DO, OR TO WHAT IS NATURAL.ONLY MAN GIVES NAME TO THINGS, OBJECTS TOO DON T REALLY AHVE TO BE THE SAME AND CAN BE GIVEN DIFFERENT NAMES TOO.I THINK THE FEELING YOU GET FROM IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ITS DEFINITION, AND THAT DEFIES THE FACT THAT NOBODY COULD UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER IF WE HAD ALL OUR OWN NAME FOR THINGS.JUST LIKE RULES OF GRAMMAR ARE LIKE PAVEMENT COVERING THE GRASS.SOME PEOPLE GIVE ME CERTAIN NAMES AND I ALWAYS TAKE THEM INTO ACCOUNT CAUSE I ASSUME THAT THIS IS HOW I MAKE THEM FEEL LIKE, SOMETIMES IT CORRESPONDS TO A NAME OF A FAMOUS PERSON, AND I HAVE ONE THAT FOLLOWS ME SINCE A CERTAIN NUMBER OF YEARS, AND I CAN SAY THA TWHAT THIS NAME CORREPONDS TO CERTANI ASPECTS I HAVE IN MY LIFE. SOME PEOPLE BAN THE ADOLF NAME Cause they feel they make hitler appear and so it is bad luck, somehow yes but at the same time people made it like that too.i think i have a deeper name but that is just a vibration and i feel content with that, but i don t feel that alexander is my real name. i never really tried to change it either cause i don t really want to try, as for me it doesn t really corresponds to me but also i might not have found what really corresponds to me, but also they are as many more names than in a calendar and many wait probably to be invented.then you can have a name thar correspond to your world like the family name which can represents a kind of wrld you live in and your name can be the creator of that world its pillar or whatever you want. i have two other names given by my family which represent animals, but i never use them but one of i feel very familiar with.btu i thinks it is all good fun. most magic names seem to defy all rules cause i feel they come from the depth of the soul and have no rule that governs them, and they are the most interesting cause the way the letters are put together they just have a vibration no real meaning until you d=set them in stone and you kind of render them acceptable to the norm, like cthulhu, i don t know why i think of that one but it s just an example.nevertheless names are good fun cause they carry the beginning. the name i give to people is just alex so they know it s me, i can trealy impose them a name , they can call me what they want but mostly for their own security and so that they dont hassle me i just give them that name, cause most people don t understand anyway.sometimes i spend time too not pronouncing their name so i develop a game where i don tpronounce names of certain persons for a period of time to see what s underneath but also because i don t wnat to grasp anything, or what i grasp i don t like or just because the other person feels uncomfortable being called cetain names.

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