A Film About Faery Seer, Rev. Robert Kirk

The Secret Commonwealth

in 1692, Reverend Robert Kirk hand wrote a notebook about on Scottish folkloric Faery Tradition not long before his mysterious death. The  notebook was called “The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns, and Fairies.”

Legend has it that Robert Kirk walked between the worlds and had finally entered into Faery and was never seen again. That his experiences with these beings was real is proven by the evidence of his writings for he gives many Magical Instructions, descriptions, experiences,  and answers the questions of good and evil that concern Christians about Faery.

Author and Faery Seer, R.J.Stewart translated Robert Kirk’s notebooks annotating it with a great deal of his own knowledge.  It is a must read for those who wish to work with the Faery. It is called: Robert Kirk: Walker Between the Worlds.

For Bob’s book go here: R.J.Stewart Books

He sent me an email to find this exciting trailer on Youtube. What an amazing subject! Us Faery Seers may finally have our day!


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8 thoughts on “A Film About Faery Seer, Rev. Robert Kirk

  1. I highly recommend reading The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries. Also, R.J. Stewart. Ordering/reading R.J. Stewart books is a must as well.

  2. Absolutely. I have Bob Stewart’s book and just love it. I hope this film does justice to Kirk’s amazing life.

  3. Hello – I have just come across your page and it is very good to know there are people out there interested in the story of the Reverend Kirk. We thought it had been such a missed opportunity and I was amazed no one had thought of producing a film on the subject before. Is this a hobby or do you study supernatural tales such as Kirk’s?

    All the best,
    Michael Ferns
    DIRECTOR – Kirk

  4. Hi Michael,
    How nice to hear from you.
    I am a Faery Seer myself, that is what my blog is written around basically, that and other spiritual and paranormal experience I have had.
    I found out about your film through R.J. Stewart, a teacher and friend of mine. As you know he has written extensively about Robert Kirk.
    It is a story that was waiting for a film. I am very excited about yours. I will go see and review it on the blog. I hope my post gets the word out.
    I find Isobel Gowdie quite a fascinating subject as well.
    Thanks for you comments and have fantastic success with your wonderful film!
    Warm Wishes,


  5. Hi Bernadette!
    Its not out yet. When Michael did the interview they were going into editing. I think around Christmas is when it will be released.
    I think it looks really good too – so be ready!

  6. Hi Danny,
    Yes, this film was released in Scotland but it hasn’t been shown in the States. If you’re in the UK or Ireland you might be able to see it. Michael Ferns is pretty young. He won an award for this but no distribution. Its a shame as I wanted to see it. I’ll check out you music. Thanks

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