The Shadow Effect

The Shadow Effect

Introducing the blog of Corinne Edwards: Personal Growth with Corinne Edwards

Aepril Schaile by Peter Paradise

Aepril Schaile by Peter Paradise: One who knows...

I found this on the blog of the fabulous Corrine Edwards at Personal Growth With Corinne Edwards.

Be sure to visit Corinne’s blog, it is full of humor, down to earth wisdom, and interviews with famous icons of the personal growth movement like Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson.

The article and the movie trailer below, moved me so much I am reprinting the whole thing here. It is also a nice follow up to the previous post about the Dark Side of the Tree of Life: Understanding the Tree of Life, and the Qliphoth

I began the Winterspells blog ( January  2009) to explore this very issue, for my own Shadow Work, or what I called the Nigredo as the Alchemical process is very real for me, has been cyclical and intense. It follows the revolving nature of light/darkness/light/darkness, or life/death/life/death, creation/destruction pattern that is the essence of the Great Goddess.

There are Black and White Madonnas for instance that reveal this cycle. This is partly based on the seasons, and the passage of day into night and back again. The Celtic Goddess Brighid has Bright and Dark aspects. It is said to be wiser to worship the Dark side the Gods first, for it will bring you to the Light, whereas  if you focus exclusively on the Light you will be forced to face the Darkness. And Dark isn’t just a color or  an idea, it is an experience of loss and pain, but without it we would not know wholeness, and at this time of increased consciousness, the ability to see the whole is what the Earth needs from us.

Shadow times are also called the Dark Night of the Soul when it arises along the spiritual path.

This is when you learn that the Light comes from the Darkness.

I know Debbie Ford.  As a matter of fact, I know almost everyone in her movie, The Shadow Effect.

I interviewed them on my TV show on Wisdom Television so I studied their books and spent much time speaking with them.

Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, James Van Praagh.  I love these people.

I can vouch for everyone above that they are sincere and are dedicated to helping.  With all their hearts.  They are good people.

But I have to admit The Shadow Effect was a surprise to me.  It goes much deeper than I thought it would.

Especially, Debbie, who is the star of the show.  She has developed from an accomplished writer who was even a little shy when I met her to – just as I said – a STAR!

If you are going to invest in this movie, either as a download or in a group or as a purchase of the DVD, I thought I should prepare you.

This is not a goody two shoes, woo woo consciousness, make-you-feel- good-self- help movie.

The only word I can conjure up at this moment is that this is a -


It will shake your being.  The being you have hidden from others – and – most important – the secrets you have held that you share with no one.  Not even yourself.

The “shadow” is the self that you hide.  That you cover up, very carefully.  You have substituted a whole different self you show to the world.  You have started to believe it yourself.  You have a public life and a private life.  Don’t go there into the shadow because it is terrifying.

Except it is there.  It could be shame you have carried since you were a child.  Deep within you and it comes out like an erupting volcano when you least expect it.

This DVD set is in parts.  The first a documentary.  The second an interactive experience where you are asked questions which are designed to bring your secrets out into the open. Privately, in your living room perhaps.

One of the important questions you will be asked is a nice one.  “What do you like best about yourself?”  Then, think of all the people you know who reflect those qualities.  They are all you.

Then, the zinger.  “What do you dislike most about yourself?”  Think of the people you don’t like and then come back to yourself.  Could this be a projection?  Are these things MY shadow?  Am I transferring my own darkness onto others?  Is this why I avoid these people?

Is it possible that these projections are holding you back from happiness and contentment? What if – as is stated in this movie –


This movie is not a condemnation.  It is an exercise in awareness.  Of bringing our worst selves into the cold bright day of the sunshine.  Taking a good look and deciding if we need to hide those secrets anymore even from ourselves.

I have known about the “shadow” for a long time.  I just did not know what to call it.

My opinion is that it never really leaves us.  It is an imprint.

The benefit of this movie is that you will suddenly know who it is.  It will have a first and last name and you can call it out when it inspires us to act destructively.  You will become aware it is there.

So, when something comes up, we can say to it –

Damn!  There you are again.  Get lost.

As Deepak Chopra says –

“The sinner and the saint are only exchanging notes.”

I would say – be brave enough to see this movie.  You might be surprised at what you uncover.  I was.

To purchase the DVD
The Shadow Effect Movie DVD

To buy the online version:
Watch The Shadow Effect Online

P;ease note, this blog does not benefit if you buy the film.

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17 thoughts on “The Shadow Effect

  1. i thought it was interesting, i do look at my shadow though just to understand why it is shadow, but it is not a true self for me it is just a deformation of it, like trapped light, some aspects i know why i am like that in the shadow others not, cause you ve got to get rid of certain shadow selves first, some give rise to each other like mountains. i remember how some parts of myself became shadow too.but yes the interesting thing is to go beyond both light and darkness, and the light is really boring to stay in, darkness of the best parts of the day is when you ve stayed up all night and and you go with your spirit into the day at the same time than the sun rises, i really like that effect, i feel very comfortable with that. about fifteen years ago i started to wonder about those things and understood that the light was too easy and unfullfilling, but i didn thave the motivation to do it really, then you come up with things too that are perfectly normal for yourself but unacceptable for others an d they projrcet it on you, so you kind of live with your shadow and forget about light which is boring is interesting, if you can live like that cause you have to be really independant. i got a landlady who is lesbian and she gave me a warning i d be kicked out if i walk around in the house with no shirt on, maybe it is one of my shadow side maybe not, in the end i live in the shadow. this is dead world where everything is supressed making it whole again is cool, also it suppresses lots of disease and crime and all that and it is very interesting to live at night too. i like the night for that especially when full moon.the transition between night and day inside and outside is the most interesting part of the day, cause you link both.i ve always lived underground for that, thats what paradise is about the blending of both by staying at the crossroads and then light darkness disappears

  2. also i havn t seen the dvd so i don t know if this trailer is representative of it or no, but if for example you ve got a drinking problem and you don t accept it becomes shadow, but then people say it is social droinking, it is still a shadow, eventhough dressed with light, so the real shadow is what happens when you go to the root of it and when that energy that went this way is redistributed in the body in a different way and then the shadow self comes out so it is not not accepting that you have a drinking problem that is shadow, which is for some, but there is the shadow of the shadow of the shadow, and then the shadow that says i am light and the light that says i am shadow, the intersting thing is the confusion. but don t know maybe it is in dvd. i don t really know deepak chopra, but i ve come across a few of his sentences, he makes me think of a caterpillar a little bit. but i felt he is too soft.but then i don t know him and don t want to judge him at all. it s a little bit computerised light.but it is still cool they do what they do.

  3. but i have to say i have been surprised by a few things recently about what was in the shadow and i guess those were the things very far away, so then what usually happens with me is that i start drinking to cut off to be sure and then see if it is still there, i don t do it all the time cause i m not a drinker, but even when i do i keep on looking cause i don t want to imagine things or imagine it is a shadow resolved when it is another shadow beneath. but usually what happens is that when a shadow becomes light and disappears depending of the density of it there an impact on your other parts of your personality, cause when you change onre thing you change everything, that takes some time so you have to wait til the dust kind of settles, but the really coolthing would be to do it in as chain reaction where you don t have time to see the difference anymore, but i am far from that.

  4. so i think it is important that it is not about accepting the shadow but to learn to transform it, cause if for example i embrace a drinking habit, i am not fAR ADVANCED WITH THAT.THEY TALK ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON, SO HE MIGHT HAVE ACCEPTED HIS SHADOW SIDE WITHOUT RESOLVING IT, IT IS ONLY A SHADOW FOR OTHER PEOPLE AND THOSE WHO ARE ADDICTED TO TABLOIDS. FOR ME HE S HAD AN UNFORTUNATE CHILDHOOD, AND WOULD HAVE HAD A DIFFERENT CARRIER MAYBE IF HE HAD RESOLVED IT, NEVERTHELESS IT WAS HIS PATH. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO PEER IN OTHER PEOPLE S LIVES AND EXPOSE THEM LIKE TV DOES. DOESN T IT MAKE PEOPLE LIKE JACKSON LIVE IN THE DARK AND SO CREATE AND BALANCING LIGHT THAT IS TOO EXTREME/? ISN T TAT THE SHADOW SIDE OF JOURNALISM AND SUCH? BY LOOKING AT PEOPLE S DARK SIDES DOESN T IT MAKE YOU LIVE IN THE SHADOW AT THE SAME TIME?IT IS LIKE A DEVIATION.SO I THINK IT IS GOOD ON A CERTIN LEVEL BUT THEN IF YOU YURSELF YOU LEARN TO LIVE IN THAT SHADOW LIGHT SEASON THING OTHERS WILL SEE AND FOLLOW and sometimes they ll crush you, YOUR TRUE NATURE MAKES OTHER TRUE NATURE COME OUT, WHICH THEN SHOWS THAT PROJECTING ON OTHERS CREATES SHADOWS AND GET TRANSMITTED FROM GENERATIONS TO GENERations, like church ideaas that are so old and so shadowy that they are normal acceptable, and people say i am not religious but they are without knowing is like saying i don t believe in the anti christ and then being anti things which is the same for me.i am obviously not saying i am better than others far from it, i have my own issues.i m not working but for most people who do a work they don tlke they go in the shadows, so you have to have the courage to diss at one point and renew yourself.

  5. the shadow side is a really intersting subject evn the shadow side of history, evrything has a shadow side, i am kind of enjoying it

  6. also i hope i wasn t disrespectful cause it definitely wasn t my intention as i didn t see the movie and know nothing about those people

  7. I think some people can be forced to live in the shadows all of their life, like Michael Jackson. They carry the projections of the culture at large. You can get as stuck i that as you can in any other psychological state. I agree you must transform it and in doing that, you transform it for the world.
    Thanks Alex!

  8. i don t know if i said that, but i m growing hairier, but you re probably right, i don t have a big experience in that, but at least i noticed i shouldn t bother about what others do like whether they re alright or not, i don t do it in normal life but on internet i do for no reason, at least they do something and there is always something coming out of it. but i wouldn t watch the commentary cause i m not a tv person.

  9. so i am thinking again about what i said and i feel it was another time so i don t know. but i definitely feel like living in the shadows, and i guess it is always what i ve asked for since i a child to be just unknown and to have no identity i thought it was interesting compared to the fact that you have always to be someone. i understand that it is 2 extremes that never meet , but whn i think of private life and public life, i feel there s no difference but for those who want to play the dark/light game . i think both are illusions. i feel the important thing is that you have to accept your shadow and transform it into light and you have to accept the shadows cast by your light, at least for respect to the universe and for your relationship with it. and i am not talking asthe universe being a person, cause i t could be.cause you re made of light and you have to have a relationship with the invisible. what happens around you is not necessary to bother about as there is nothing you can do about it.the only thing you can do is keep your energy flowing.i m not saying obviously i m doing it cause i would nt be writing it but living it.being blind to others is being open to them.i know my shadows and if id got rid of em i d be aware of shadows i don t know about. but nevertheless living in a shadow makes others want to light it and what they see is always blinding and so never the truth.i don t like day time the sun caus everything is material and blnding you, i feel comfortable at nightfall cause i feel everyhting opening, and freer, with a friend i had we lived 6 month at night cause i wan ted to do like norway to see, and you really gofar out and don t really understand what the world of light is about cause you carry your own light within yourself and it illuminates your darkness, that is all that counts to me, the public is non existant it is like seperating the week in two weeks.then people neither want to put you in the shadows nor in the light.

  10. but then i might be wrong cause i m not it to the full, which i d understand, but it hink it is more about a vertical relationship that gets redistributed on the horizontal level than the contrary which what is happening in society or between people or between the savior and people.

  11. but actually this post makes me think that my biggest shadow is to leave this world by dying and be reborn completly you don t need anyone and noone needs you, you come up with ideas or things that so far fetched and so creative that when you look at society you think you re mad but you re not you re just natural, the light of the stars is enough but i am notliving like that but it would be cool though, so what happens is that you get devoured by your own worms.

  12. like michael jackson actually whether it is his skin nose, or then the people reflectiing his own feast on himself, even my body is more damaged everyday, so it is also intereting how your shadow consumes your light.

  13. but then i understand as world both opposites dancing together becoming a fool and then dancing with teir environment again as the world and so on forever but that is just theory

  14. but still it makes me think that the best way people can open their shadow is to forget what they are or what they think they are

  15. The Shadow, as C. G. Jung describes it, is an important concept to be understood and managed.
    I see important authors in this film, and want to see it.
    But when I see Deepak Chopra in, a real conman (“quantum wise man”), I pass, as he indicates more crappy ideas inside.
    Good bye.

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