Nigel Jackson and “Winter Rouses All My Grief”

The Magical Art of Nigel Jackson

While living in London, I was perusing the bookshelves in the legendary Atlantis Bookshop, across from the British Museum and not far from The Plough pub, haunt of Victorian and Edwardian magicians in the hay days of the London occult scene.

In Atlantis, I found a book called The Pillars of Tubal Cain. Published by Capall Bann, and jointly authored by Michael Howard and Nigel Jackson. I bought it because of the mysterious illustrations that captured the disturbing nature of true Otherworld contact — something you can’t quite put your finger on, for your pointing finger seems to multiply, and the object being pointed at seems to shimmer, the way that water does when a stone is thrown into it, only¬† the ripples go deeper, and something dark glimmers through..

The personality of each man shone through the writing, but it took a while for me to figure out who wrote what — and who drew the amazing illustrations! I finally found the name of the artist: Nigel Jackson. From there, I knew that the more academic writer was Michael Howard, and the intuitive, emotional writer had to be Nigel Jackson. Both are excellent, and the book is rich with the old lore of Masonry and explorations into the ancient Magic.

Over time, I bought a few more works by Nigel Jackson, about vampires and werewolves, an Ogham deck, his Rune cards, mostly for the wonderful pictures, though the texts are also fascinating and informative. I will review some of these in a later post. At this time, I want to share a video that Nigel himself emailed to me. The art is taken from his Nigel Jackson’s Tarot, his book, The Compleat Vampyre, and a piece called The Dance of Death.

Enjoy! We will speak to Nigel Jackson around the end of August. This would be appropriate as it would seem that Lammas time resonates with him….

You will also notice how suitable this video is for Winterspells….

Winter Rouses All My Grief

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Music performed by COURT OF THE BEES Lyric from the Harley Manuscript, trans. by Brian Stone Vocal by Patricia Maria Jackson Images by Nigel Jackson
Music performed by COURT OF THE BEES
Lyric from the Harley Manuscript, trans. by Brian Stone
Vocal by Patricia Maria Jackson
Images by Nigel Jackson
Category: Music

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3 thoughts on “Nigel Jackson and “Winter Rouses All My Grief”

  1. Of course London is the mecca for anyone interested in the mystical or the psychic.

    They have many more ghosts there than anyplace.

    I went to psychic center once there – big building. Not a storefront.

    Sat in the back of one of the classes and the presenter said to me -

    “A message for the American in the back. Your uncle Tommy is here on his horse and says hello.”

    I never knew until I got home that years ago I had an Uncle Tommy who was a doctor in Tobago WI and made all his calls on horseback.

    Corinne Edwards’s last blog post..MIRACLE IN A SMALL TOWN

  2. Yes Corinne!
    London is full of magicians of all stripes. How fun about your Uncle Tommy! I met a very cool Paranormal Investigator when I first arrived in London. I will telling that weird story sometime on the blog. He needed a psychic to help him “investigate” the Clink Prison!

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