Everything Has a Soul

One cannot have the Witchblood and perceive nature as a collection of dead objects to be harvested or exploited. For ones like us, everything is alive and has consciousness. That consciousness is not the same as human consciousness, but since we are all on this earth together, we share a certain life force, a certain reality base that has been obscured for human beings by things like ‘religion’, ‘science’ and materialist philosophy, by ‘rationalism’ and other reductionist, fear based, ideologies.
Open your heart and you will ‘know’ that the trees speak, the animals have much to share with you, what the mountain gives, and the seas transmit.  That all of it is nothing except love. All of nature will vivify, and open itself to you, and you will walk into a magical world.
The downside is that all the abuse and cruel exploitation of the ‘rationalists’, scientific reductionists, and harvesters, can break your heart.

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3 thoughts on “Everything Has a Soul

  1. To try to become “independent” from Nature, but still take from it with little question as to the life it had before being extorted… Is to show absolutely no soul to yourself, to show no conscious ability, no appreciation and no proper respect for anything.

    Everything has an essence, a spirit, a soul; thus all things should be tended to with a level of respect that you would give to age old friends, or family.

    The branch on the ground that becomes your staff/walking stick, has life still. And with unbiased, thoughtful care to the item, its essence can be transfered to you; creating a greater energy.

    Its life is then mingled with yours, and that relationship must be nurtured.

    To take from Nature and not question your action, or ask the spirit if you may use it, or to butcher and Animal for a meal but not thank it for its sacrifice for your betterment… Is shameful.

    So shameful.

    Ask, and you shall receive. And if you do not receive, to not become angry and callous; try again. And if you still do not attain what you need, console the being in question and find the proper way to make things mutual.


  2. Patience has taught me much in the past few years since turning 19. I am thankful that I see things in a warmer light, with more regard to peaceful outcomes than needless recklessness.

    Which in turn is why I care so much about delving into Pagnism/Shamanism.

    In short, Love for things that give us life and ability should be better taken care of.


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