Who are the Horned Ones?

Those of us with antlers, those of us with horns…I saw myself in many dreams with the antlers of a stag. I shall explore the mysteries of horns and those who wear them in the spirit world.

I was never afraid of the dark. Even when he stood in the crack of light between the door frame and the door, silhouetted, strange, bent as when a wild animal rises on it hind legs to look at something higher than the ground.  Perhaps I dreamed, yet it did not seem so, for my eyes were open and I saw him clearly. Tall, feral, dark, and stretching out form the top of his head, the long antlers of a stag.

He only ever came to look at me, gazing with eyes of green fire. When I reached out to touch him, to see if he was as real as he appeared, my gesture was slow and, not stirring a particle of air, more silent than the night. It was then he always disappeared. I remember once, missing contact with my Faery visitor, I fell, slowly, dreamlike to the floor. The sensation of the cold floor against my cheek stays with me still, implanting this memory in my conscious mind forever. And as in a dream, I floated up, weightlessly, back into bed to turn away and dream again a dream I don’t recall.

This spirit returned to me a few times and it was always the same. We lived very close to the woods in Massachusetts, a place where Nathaniel Hawthorne found evidence of old Pagan worship still practiced by English colonists. I have since learned that it is traditional for the Spirit of the Forest to appear in the shape of a man/stag. Even when we moved, we lived still upon the woods, and he came to me there again. I am not sure ha has ever left me.

Later, when I was 29, I was going through a very bad time with a Saturn return in Scorpio in my Seventh House. Everything died in those two years. I was living in Seattle, nowhere near the woods, and had not encountered my spiritual visitor since I moved there.  I suffered what I later learned was a Shamanic illness, characterized by great debilitation, depression, obsession with wheels turning in my mind, soundlessly, constantly, all countered by strange initiatory dreams and visions. I dreamed of the stag, running through the trees. I followed, I rode upon his back and felt more alive than I ever had. I drew a lot of pictures. Of my dreams, of the lover who I lost, of boats, and the sea,  and one of me looking into a mirror in which my reflection wore the antlers of a stag.

A whole series of these images grew out of my depression. One in particular was prophetic: I am sitting in an underground cavern at a dressing table with a round mirror on it. I am wearing antlers and looking at my reflection also wearing antlers.  Many years later, when I studied with R.J.Stewart and his Underworld Faery, I return to that underground chamber and the Horned God would erupted into my life with a power I barely survived.


In this image of the Nine of Pentacles from my Holy Grail Tarot, the leafy, antlered crown of the Faery Queen mirrors the bare winter branches of the trees.  Nine is the number of the moon. The setting is under deep snow, for Pentacles are the  symbol of Earth whose power resides in the North. In the mystic North is night, is snow, is the dark moon, the Underworld, ice, the mirror lake, the stones, white animals, and those with horns and hoofs. She wears a triple horned crown, and carries a cornucopia, the single horn hollowed out and pointing to Earth. It is full of harvested apples, fruit of the Goddess, the Faery Queen, that hides the five-pointed star within.

The Earth is the vessel of plenty, the provider of all we need. everything we have, everything we are, comes from the Earth.
Horned animals sacred to the north are the stag, boar, goat, reindeer.
The stag is a sacred animal whose antlers reflect the World Tree whose roots are in the Heavens and whose branches open down into the UnderWorld as when he looks at his reflection in the lake. The stag is thus a mediator between the Heaven and Earth. As he sheds his antlers in the Spring, and then grows them back, he is also a spirit of death and rebirth. The star road of the Milky Way belongs to Night and therefore belongs to the North and Earth, and  thus to Death, for all Earthly forms are mortal. The Milky Way curves towards the sunrise of the East, place of Birth. The stag dances on this starry bridge as the mediator between Death and new Life.
Duality is expressed in the two horns and the cloven hooves of the stag. Duality expresses  opposites, male/ female, dark/light, above/ below, etc. Without these opposites there would be no Other, would be no sexuality, therefore no creation, would be no consciousness of Self. The three is the result of the pairing of opposites, that which comes together and multiplies has given birth. The single horn of the Unicorn represents purity because the single is whole and impenetrable. A single horn is one within itself, inviolate, virgin. This perhaps explains why there are no more Unicorns, for the Earth is a creation of dual forces. Without the two there can be no three, can be no birth. The one stands alone and is, in the earthly sense, uncreative, spiritual, renunciate.

If you would like to see my Tarot of the Holy Grail, please visit
www.whiteswan-tarot.com Book of Visions: Clairvoyant Tarot

I also discuss the Hunt of the Unicorn Tapestries and the 12th century Courts of Love at www.themysteriousdomain.com. The Unicorn in Captivity above is from those beautiful woven works.

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11 thoughts on “Who are the Horned Ones?

  1. you r encounter with the horned one is really prophetic and eerie.
    also i think you re right with the unicorn cause i inow a little girl she loves them, but she is always alone refusing contact with the opposite, she is so independant that she is uncreative. i observed on horses that where the horn once was there still is a kind of spiral, so yes they are probably gone because the world lost its purity. so maybe yes the world is at the moment in a transition. it is important cause it shows that humans are connected to nature and that what happens in thier lives is reflected in nature, when they try to bring species back, whether for science , stupidity, it can be seen as a sign to recapture the nature that is lost, like not listening to the mystery anymore. so if unicorn disappear it is because humans are not pure anymore, but also unicorns will be back if you follow the call of the woods.why not bring back hitler?i guess it is because he is not extinct.an animal extinct is i believe a part of human nature that is extinct. so be it for the death and rebirth sequence.that s harmony with nature.i feel the horned one symbolizes something like that too. the link between humans and nature, so yes he is a mediator. when an animal stops to look at you in the woods it is one of the most beautiful present ever, cause it connects to your wild side, it comes and talk to you, and then goes away, maybe you won t see it again, and that makes it even more beautiful.where i used to work they used to enslave horses with food, cause they can eat forever and die from it. the study of nature has become a way to find its weakness, something a human probably rejects in himself. also i feel that when you re in front of apredator he acts as a predator to you only because you re one yourself. it reaches deep within the psyche of each of us, and smells the meat on your body.but there ae and used to be a few shamans who attain that state, and that is harmony.i dont like meat i feel bad, if you eat it there prbably is a way, but then if you look at diane , the huntress, or the big hunt, then there defenitely exist a parallel with people hunting animals for game, which brings you back to the topic of sexual inadequacy. also i got this theory, and i always thought about the black widow who eats the male up after mating, this is definitely a human trend, and i am sure that if this trend was to disappear, the relationship between black widow and male would change, and even disappear maybe to be replaced by a new trend. it seems the otherworld is just in front of us, but we are just blind, that is why the horned one is here.animals in cages are not animals anymore, nor are the ones in documentaries. documentaries are still nice but unnatural and seperated because of the camera. the first camera ever is the eye, so when it is blind, you use a digital one, to capture the soul. and then when you re back in nature you have this camera in your head and what you see is a superposition of reality that makes you feel secure. you build your own prison, u ntil one day it breaks, and then the mystery will be manifest.

    so glory to the horned one, cause he is there to show you the way of nature, he is like a tree rooted in the sky and in the earth.
    i loved to read that it is very inspiring.

  2. all this also makes me think of all the civilisations swallowed by the seas, and in parallel you ve got those people who probe the seas for treasure, when they should really probe their own dark waters.if the sea takes things away it also brings things to the surface, so all those jobs are really contrary to the mystery.it s like piercing your own heart. i picture this as the pirate and the mermaid. the mermaid has sharp teeth when you follow her, she sexually unfulfilled, which brings about the topic again of eating meat, as sexual deficiency, even though maybe meat should be eaten in a sacred way maybe, but i don t really believe this. if you can make her follow you to land then you have opened your own heart and the treasures of the sea. you are open to the mystery. the broceliande forest has an interesting story about this, echoed as well in the book of french writer Marcel Aymee called La Vouivre. and La Vouivre is a mermaid living under the forest of Broceliande, she is like unfulfilled in between, it is like two worlds that touch each other but don t merge. the mystery is freedom from slavery and your own cravings, all thjose jobs wouldn t exist, the universe is beautiful like that, to be able to look at it without wanting to change it, then a real dialogue can take place. the truth, no more mirrors or illusions. be one with everything.
    the poetry , the music of the whole world, and civilisation is just an interference to the sound of the muse.this is the open door.pandora s box will open in it s own time, and out of it will cme the music, and the sund of the stars.Civilisation is something apart that lives above nature so it thinks, nature just wants t reestablish the contact.so as you say the muse as to possess the poet at the beginning to shake him up, so that he loses the grip of his power.
    Beauty and Beast

  3. Again, your comments are deep and interesting. You are a true shaman. I will look for the Aymee book. It sounds amazing!
    The lost city of Ys. I have long wanted to write a story around that.

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  5. Alex, How much so you know about the drowned City of Ys that is not common knowledge? It is a fascinating story, though I don’t take the ET angle as seriously as I do the Faery one.
    Thanks again!

  6. i don t know if i understand the question,whether it is common knowledge or not, it was just what came to mind, with a mix pain and disgust, obviously i guess the et s here are not as important and they don t look good on this site either.

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