Creating Sacred Space: Part 2

Above, Below, and Between

In the preceding article, Creating Sacred Space, I described how to create a Magic Circle based on the Four Directions of the compass. East, South. West, and North. This is the horizontal Place Between the Worlds, but there at three vertical directions needed  to complete the Astral Temple that really takes one safely into the Otherworld.

Magical Circle

Reestablish yourself within the Four Directions of the Magic Circle. I like what my teacher R.J.Stewart always says: “The direction in which you stand comes through you, the direction that face comes to you, the directions to you right and left uphold you.”

Now you stand in the center of the circle and raise your Magical Weapon to the sky and say:

“I call forth the Gods and Goddesses of the Celestial Realm. The Moon, the Sun, and the Stars, the Seven Planets, the Signs of the Ecliptic, are arranged above us tonight.”

Earthlight Ritual

You can perform the Faery Earthlight Ritual while you call the Sky, as taught by R.J.Stewart at this point to bring it into your body:
*Standing straight with your arms at your sides, visualize the color green in your feet and moving up your legs.
*Raising your arms a little, visualize the color blue moving into your pelvis and generative organs.
*Raising your arms so they are even with your shoulders, visualize the color red moving into your chest and heart.
*Raising your arms so above your head, visualize the color yellow around your head.
*Slowly bring your arms down, visualizing the colors as you go.
This is called Raising the Earthlight and is a Faery technique.

Descent to the Underworld

Now see the ground at your feet. Depending on your tradition, see a five-pointed star shining with blue light, or a six pointed star, the door of a well, and stairway or the roots of a great tree whose branches spread down into the Underworld.

Traditions with Judeo-Christian values, may avoid going into the Underworld, known to them as the Infernal Realm, abode of Demons, or Qlippoth. They may believe that the Faery are Demons. Even I know that they are Fallen Angles — but so are we.

If you feel safer to work in a Temple that has no basement, then it it is perfectly fine to work within the SIX. For those of Faery or Infernal leanings, you will want to include the SEVENTH.

Take your seat in one of the Four Directions. Focus on the well, stairway or tree roots in the center of the Circle. There is a different feel to each.

The Well has a watery feel and tends to take you to twilight places. I find dew spangled grass, trees, and it is through the portal of the well that I have met Merlin, Morgan LeFay, Vivienne, and the Priestesses of the wells.
Around the well grow red and white roses. Roses are sacred to the Faery, and in facet have been created by them. Roses belong to Lucifer and the Madonna as well. I also give them to King Solomon, and the Black Madonna.

Stair to Moat

Stair to Moat

The Stairway that spirals down into the earth has a feel of ancient stone. In my experience, it leads to ancient temple precincts, ruins, and libraries. Also cemeteries, catacombs and the like. Goths will like the spiral stairway, for it seems to lead to the darker mysteries.

The Reversed Tree leads to the Faery Realm, the Green Land and the path to the Palace Under the Hill. This is very potent. There are rules.

I will write another post on the subject of Faery etiquette in the future. If you insist on trying it out before that, use impeccable manners and treat the Lordly Ones with deference, and respect. This isn’t just about being nice — its a warning.

The Sphere Of Light

Now you are within the sphere which is your Astral Temple. You can work within and below as I described, you can journey into one or all of the Four Directions and learn form them. This is never boring as far as I am concerned, because it changes all the time.
This horizontal work can bring amazing experiences. You can wander into the dark forest of the Grimm’s fairy tales, or dive into Undersea Palaces, dally in the Garden of the Rose, or walk among the Standing Stones that shine on the low hill at sunrise..

If you want to move Above, Rising on the Planes, set your intention and you feel yourself shift. Shifting usually brings a sensation of light pressure in your solar plexus and head.
You can visit the Moon, Sun, or Stars. I like to see a golden ladder come down and climb it sometimes. Tower imagery works very well. They have different feels about them. I have often found myself lying in a long golden boat called Millions of Years.

Mood Enhancers

*Music instantly changes the atmosphere. Ambient music, Tibetan bowls, drumming can help focus the mind.
*Incense acts on ancestral memory. Some incenses are designed to call upon certain spirits or deities. Benzoin and Amber call the Faery.
* Crystals, stones, flowers, leaves, figures, and other images can help one to focus, adding a visual link to the deep, subconscious mind. I used to use a crystal bowl filled with water as the centerpiece of my Moon Circles for years.

Every item in the circle should follow the Correspondences to bring through the energies to want to work with.

I will write more on these topics as we go along. Any requests? have any questions or ideas come up about this work of Creating Sacred Space?

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7 thoughts on “Creating Sacred Space: Part 2

  1. Hi, what is the meaning of this?
    “If you feel safer to work in a Temple that has no basement, then it it is perfectly fine to work within the SIX. For those of Faery or Infernal leanings, you will want to include the SEVENTH.”

    I mean what is the meaning of Withing the six? or withi the sven I tried to understand and I don’t want to try guessing for respect. Hope I will be given an answer, thanks a lot for this sharing…

  2. What about how to dress, can we dress with anykind of colour?
    Is it good to do these things without having companion for all the time or it becomes sterile as a process if done alone on the long term?

    What are the related topics I can read? I now have a more complete view of the Moon circles you did, since I read that article before this one and now I understand it a little more…

    I tried the tibetan bowls just now as a test and i closed my eyes and started floating in air -I was listening to “Klaus Wiese Tibetan Singing Bowls 1 #2 ” it’s great. I will get some of these things and use them in mp3player or so… Unless I am not in the middle of a natural area.

    You post is so complete.
    What about the “weapon”? What you mean? You mean a finger or the wand or anything else? Well if so is it bad if we use a jasmine branch? Should I capture a snake and tie it around it? I read that this is how “weapons were made” …
    Is it bad to just use our body? Since today bringing around these items sometime might be difficult.

    I read that pattersn are important on your posts. Should I then just start in way and proceede likewise in the next times?

    What happens if people disturb you? If something comes in like an alarm, like a sound or someone gets to you somehow knocks at the door or calls you or someone screams … ? Sorry for this trivial questions.
    sorry for double posting. I am so curious.

  3. Markus,
    I myself am wondering what that meant since I write it badly. These ideas have evolved with me and I no longer believe the Faeries are Fallen Angels, nor are we.
    The SIX would be the sic levels of the tree that start in the branches and come down to the surface of the earth– at your feet. The SEVENTH level is below the earth. Most Christians consider that to be Hell. In Faery Tradition it is not a realm of evil and suffering and demons but rather the land of the Tuatha de Danann that were driven into the underworld by the invading Milesians. It is Faery.

    Its really our own mindset that determines what we experience in the spirit world. Come form the heart and I believe you will be safe. Come form the ego-mind or fear and you will expose yourself to tricksters.
    I hope that helps,

  4. Singing bowls are great!
    Certain deities are attracted by certain colors. Red for Mars, Green and pink for Venus, Blue of Jove, etc. for planetary spirits. There are books upon books. Go to an occult bookshop and ask for books on how to create magic circles. There are TONS.
    AI created the Moon Circles. myself. Use your imagination. A partner is great if you are in harmony. Magic can create upheaval sometimes so be aware of that.
    Think of this as a apprenticeship. If you don’t want to be initiated into Wicca – which I am not as I don’t like groups minds — than still take that year and a day and study. Its never boring,

  5. Indeed it helps a lot. It works similarly to psicology. I think I understand really well. If you start believing you will get something you will get that. That is why you wrote in these posts (or I read it somewhere else) that it’s important to have a positive attitude, for example thinking to positive memories we have and not to bad things. We become weak and who knows?

    It’s very interesting Alyne! I find these circles as a new world, it’s like bulding a “protection” and renwing the energy.

    Oh about the colours thanks a lot! I have bought months ago a liuttle books that tells about the aura and so of the colours of the things too and their values I think I can deepen there my quest for the moment too…

    I don’t want to be initiated as wicca, I just want to learn and I know it’s very hard without masters close to me, and because there must be just a few, the traditional way. So I will have to pick up herb knowledge (I already have a hortus here in the balcony of the pollutioned city I live in as a student still and also in my hometown hosted in the unselfish ground), picking up everything else from books, you and the right people which I guess wont be easy to meet. I feel so connected from you I can read easily your words and I enjoy a lot as they come from an other me. It’s special. Just you to know this…

    I made my first circle alone, but since I am totally unexperienced probably I did better by just imaging with the trance of music, without anything else. With the circle I did all the things but then once in it I didn’t know what to do acutally and I felt I did a interesting energy related thing as the circle is this, if I got it right, but I didn’t do anything acutally. Probably I have to learn to evoke the east, south west and north energies better … but I would like to learn what to do.
    That is why probably I should read more, from you\yourlessons or posts\ and books. I have put many in amazon and not amazon dream lists and I hope I will read sooner then later. Of course this needs practice. I would love to take part to your of circles … I like the idea of the occult book shop, thanks. Here there are also conferences in the cities like Triora, you should visit. Also Benevento has a long story.
    You know, Italy has had and has still the Church prospering in it territory. Here has been used the Malleum Maleficarum (which I recently managed to get online and which is very difficult to find in italian and latin in my country) – I am very interested in the England tradition …
    Yes it’s all new to me, really a lot to learn especially when it is clearly explained from people like you.

    Excuse me for the lenght of the post.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. I got now the thing about the levels 1 2 3 4 5 six seven… it’s very interesting. I love this kind of science of trees. Really love it. I think we should stop sometime and just think how much the mind set of our ancestors and pre ancestors was different from our. They just thought to things and saw things so differently.

    We shouldn’t forget their way and mix or keep it alive on a side of our brain with modern, technology influenced, new human view (or what sorrounds us) and mindset we have nowadays.

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